Thursday, May 11, 2017

Decorating With Silver Trays

Silver Trays are lots of fun to use in decorating and they always look so elegant and beautiful, no matter how you choose to use them. I have a beautiful vintage tray listed in my Etsy Shop. Here are some great decorating ideas for silver trays.

Using in your bathroom with pretty glass jars and decanters is a perfect way to use. The seafoam green is a perfect pairing with the silver.

Add other pieces for a great centerpiece. How pretty is the grouping of champagne buckets with flowers and other fall decor? 

And how pretty to use a silver tray to display your favorite vintage photos. I just love the collection below. The tray I have listed would be perfect for this very thing.

Below is the beautiful Silver Tray in my shop. Check it out!

Photo Credit: SPBM Etsy

And if you need a Vintage Silver Champagne Bucket I have one of those for sale as well.

Photo Credit: SPBM Etsy


Monday, February 20, 2017

Fun Decor

Oh, man! These pictures make me want to change things around, paint some walls and have some fun.
I'm listing some things from my Etsy shop if you wanted to go for the same look.
Have fun and enjoy!

Source: Unknown
I just listed an awesome chair that would do exactly what the chair above is doing - serving as a night stand. 

Vintage Handmade 1950s Wood Chair

And these candle holders are a must have in a room.
I have the perfect one listed in my Etsy shop. Click on the link below to buy it.

Plaster of Paris Large Bohemian Candle Holder

And if you are looking for a nice wood candle holder, I can help you with that, too.

Source: SPBM

vintage mexican wood candle holder

The beautiful crystal vase sitting on the coffee table below...I have a pair of beautiful ones very similar in my shop. Check them out. 

Source: SPBM

Mid-Century / Art Deco French Vases / in Clear and Wine Cut Glass

And if you are a cane collector, I have that covered, too.

Source: SPBM

Vintage Unique Handmade Walking / Hiking Stick


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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Kid Things

Who doesn't love a cool nursery or child's room!?! They have come a long way since I was a kid or even from the time of my children. A child's room is a sanctuary, or it should be. A place that reflects the child's personality.
I am all for letting a child decorate their room, no matter the colors or the decor, it should reflect who they are. I understand that is not going to happen when they are a baby or even a toddler, but as they grow up they should have complete say about the decor. 
And I confess, I have evolved in my thinking.:)

I have some things in my shop that are perfect decorating items for nurseries, child's, or teen bedrooms.
They will be listed below, so go check them out.

Source: Instagram 

Source: Pretty Quirky

Source: Apartment Therapy

Source: Live Journal

Source: Decordemon

A few things that you may need for you nursery or child's room.

Source: SPBM

Handmade Recycled Blue-jean and Cars Baby / Toddler Quilt

Source: SPBM
Source: SPBM
Source: SPMB

Large Vintage 1982 Topsy's Popcorn Treat Tin / Carousel Decorative

Source: SPBM
Source: SPBM
Source: SPBM
Source: SPBM
So some fun things for a child's room or nursery. 
Go check them out!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Color Your Room With Brass

 Don't you just love brass? It just fits anywhere, no matter how dressed up or dressed down, brass will always look at home.
I always see a ton of brass in home decor photos, of course, when I go searching for them, they have gone into hiding. I am still not feeling well enough to be at the computer for any length of time, so I did not look very long. 
Enjoy the eye candy!
And thanks so much for looking.

I am pretty sure that one can never have too many brass trays. There are a couple beautiful brass trays for sale in my Etsy shop. See below.

Source: Spbm

Vintage Lacquered Brass Serving / Display / Decorative Tray

Source: SPBM

Vintage 11 Inch Rustic, Boho, Old World Charm Round Brass Tray with Handles

Wow! Who wouldn't love this piece of art!?!?
You can find the brass letter stencils in my shop. Click on the link below.

Source: SPBM
Vintage Brass Stencil Letters, that will work for so many art projects.

Reese's Interlocking/Adjustable Stencils/Numbers with Original Box

Source:Ruffled Blog

A vintage collection of brass candleholders will work for any occasion or decor. 
I have several nice brass sets in my shop.

Source: SPMB

Beautiful Vintage Tall Brass Candlesticks / Holders

Source: SPBM

A beautiful room with a super cool brass bowl in the center of the coffee table.I have a couple of bowls in my shop that would be perfect for this look.

Source: SPBM

Vintage Brass Bowl with Decorative Edge

Source: SPBM

Beautiful Brass Swirl Design Fruit Bowl on Pedestal

And then...there are brass flower containers and other nick nacks. I just love the collection below. And of course, I have some of those things in my shop. 

Source: SPBM

Vintage Large Brass Planter with Cutout Heart Design

Source: SPBM

Beautiful Vintage Round Tin Container

And here is something a little different, brass napkin holders.
Source: SPBM
So, go take a look at all the wonderful brass items I have listed. I am sure you can find something you love and need.:)

And I can't say goodnight without some inspiration.
Source: SPBM

Decorating With Macrame

This will be a short post tonight. I have not felt well today, actually for a couple of weeks now. I'm struggling to do this much.
I made a lot of macrame when I was in my 20's and have enjoyed it coming back. Here are a few pics I found on Pinterest that are really cool. You can scroll on down to find what I have available in my shop. 


Source:The Selby

Below are the three pieces I have listed for sale. The light is really awesome. I am showing a picture of the one I made for my daughter, exactly like the one I have in my shop.

You can buy the hanging light here: Etsy

This is the light hanging on my daughter's screened-in porch. It looks amazing!


Buy this macrame plant hanger here: Handmade Rusty Brown Macrame Plant Hanger


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