Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Earth Day

I know, I am a day late with 'Earth Day', but every day should be earth day, right? These are from my garden last year. I am hoping to get a few more things planted this year, perhaps this weekend? Since I live in the city and do not have the space, I am limited to what and how much I can plant.


Lisa said...

Belated happy earth day to you! Yours tommies look great. I wish I could grow food but have no outside space in my top floor apartment! Have to make do with pots of herbs.
Have a lovely weekend! :)

josh said...

happy earth week!!! i love homegrown tomatoes! good choice

Minka said...

You can't go wrong with tomatoes! And those in your pictures look great!

gina said...

very nice. happy earth day to you.
I wish I had a green thumb I can cook and I can clean but taking care of plants I don't have much luck with.