Thursday, May 11, 2017

Decorating With Silver Trays

Silver Trays are lots of fun to use in decorating and they always look so elegant and beautiful, no matter how you choose to use them. I have a beautiful vintage tray listed in my Etsy Shop. Here are some great decorating ideas for silver trays.

Using in your bathroom with pretty glass jars and decanters is a perfect way to use. The seafoam green is a perfect pairing with the silver.

Add other pieces for a great centerpiece. How pretty is the grouping of champagne buckets with flowers and other fall decor? 

And how pretty to use a silver tray to display your favorite vintage photos. I just love the collection below. The tray I have listed would be perfect for this very thing.

Below is the beautiful Silver Tray in my shop. Check it out!

Photo Credit: SPBM Etsy

And if you need a Vintage Silver Champagne Bucket I have one of those for sale as well.

Photo Credit: SPBM Etsy


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