26 February 2015

Fancy Fox Quilt Complete

I finished my little guy's Fox Quilt yesterday. So glad to have it done and in the mail. It turned out stunning beyond words. Pattern quilts are not my favorite thing, but this one is an exception. After seeing one done is reds, I chose blues since blue is his favorite color. I am wanting to do one in every color now. :) And since the back is pretty enough to stand alone, he can switch it over for a different look, though I imagine he will not.

You can purchase the Fancy Fox Quilt Pattern here.
Pattern is very simple.

I quilted it with vertical straight lines on my machine, so very pleased with the outcome.

 All photos by SPBM

If you like sewing and making quilts, I highly recommend this pattern.

Thanks for stopping by.

22 February 2015

Playing For Change Sunday

Some lovely and inspiring music for your Sunday.

Anything is possible.

Quantum physics has scientifically proven what the yogis, Buddhas, and Mystics have always taught, namely that the reality we perceive as being ‘out there’ in a fixed state is in fact an illusion. Instead what we are actually dealing with is a field of infinite possibilities which is in a constant state of flux. The reality we perceive is what our brain has come to assume is there. ~Author Unknown

21 February 2015

Soup Saturday

Sjogren's pretty much kicked my butt this past week. I was scheduled for an upper and lower GI, they postponed it because I was sick. Yesterday was the first day I was able to get up and it was afternoon before I was able to stand up for any length of time.

It's been a cold week and I hadn't eaten anything in several days, so I was in the mood for some soup. Made this wand I tell you, it was delicious. I do believe I could live on soup and salad and be content.

Here's a list of ingredients, I'll do my best, since I never measur anything it is abit hard to write the
These types of soup are so forgiving and easy to adjust the ingredients to your own liking.

1 small-medium head cabbage, chopped
4 chopped carrots
2 chopped celery stalks
4 potatoes, chopped
1 onion, chopped
4 cloves garlic
4-6 slices cooked bacon (I cooked six and added three to the soup and used the remainder for topping.
1 lb. ground beef or turkey. (I used turkey)
1 box beef or vegetable broth (I used vegetable)
2 regular size cans diced tomatoes (I used Hunt's with oregano)
On the spices I really did not measure, so use the ones you like and start with 1/2 tbls and adjust from there.
dash cayenne (careful)
dried basil
2 bay leaves
crushed red pepper
1 tbls. vegetable bouillon ( use Better than Bouillon)
couple dashes of Worcestershire Sauce

Cook and drain ground beef or turkey
In soup pot add a couple tbls. olive oil, cooked meat and stir in onions, garlic, carrots and celery, cook for about 4-5 minutes, add remaining ingredients, bring to a boil and then reduce heat to low and cook until vegetable are cooked. Don't forget to add the crumbled bacon.

I had some fresh parsley and added it right before sieving.

You can add any topping of your choice. I added a dollop of plain yogurt mixed with a spoon of lemon juice, you can use sour cream if you prefer. Parmesan cheese, fresh parsley, crumbled bacon.

Just use your imagination and personal taste buds to create this soup.

Have some fresh rolls, or bread of your choice.

You could even add some cooked quinoa, small pasta, barley, farro, etc.

Happy weekend! xoxo

“We are travelers on a cosmic journey,stardust,swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal. We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share.This is a precious moment. It is a little parenthesis in eternity.”
― Deepak Chopra, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams

16 February 2015

My Fight Against Sjogren's Disease

Sjogren's is a terrible disease that seems to affect every thing and every part of your body. I have been dealing with symptoms for at least 15 years before diagnoses this past August, when it got so bad that I ended up in the emergency room and in the operating room a few days after being admitted. 

I suffered in silence for so long, hoping the symptoms would go away. I didn't have time to be sick, I took care of my husband, who is on disability and has been hospitalized 35 times in the past 10 years. I had no insurance and could not imagine how I could manage a full-fledged bills that I knew all to well would come with any kind of treatment, test, or regular doctor visits. 

I wish I could go back in time and get treatment in the early days. 

Here are just a few of the things those of us with Sjogren's Disease deal with on a daily basis. 

I was blessed to have had wonderful doctors and surgeons. 

It is my intention to find natural and complete healing for this awful disease, that has stolen any quality of life.

Another Day

Trying to keep busy and not think too much these days. Lots going on. I go to the hospital Friday for more tests. Was supposed to schedule a surgery last week and didn't get that done. It all feels like too much lately - carrying this load so totally alone. It feels like a huge wave has washed over me and carried me out to a turbulent and stormy sea.

I think having no one to talk to and encourage me that it will all be okay is the hardest part.

Life is sooo very hard!

27 January 2015

January Stuff

It is hard for me to come to terms with the fact that the first month of 2015 is within a few day of being over. Time really does fly by, doesn't it? There was a time in life when a year felt like an eternity, and now, a year feels like a few short months. The way time flies by now, I am quite sure I should be having more fun.

I'm busy still with a lot of doctor visits, still trying to get everything balanced. Between David and myself, we have doctor appointments at least 2-3 times a week. Last week we had one every day. And as hard as I try to stay positive, there is something about going near or inside a hospital that literally sucks the energy out of me.

Lately I have been trying to saturate myself with meditation and listening to healing tapes. They really do help, not sure I could get through all this without it. I should and need to do more meditating. I consistently listen and read Deepak Chopra just about every day. And I am convinced if I could sit down and chat with him, I could get all this worked out in my head. lol I really do love the man.

On another note, I have done some work in my workroom. I finished a quilt for Ada. I was working on it while she was here in November and she loved it. I'll post a couple of pics, they are not great photos and do not do the quilt justice.

 The quilt is reversible, giving her two quilts in one.

And of course I can't make her one without making little Rocky one. I saw a gorgeous fox quilt on Pinterest and purchased the pattern and I am in the process of making him one in all blues, because blue is his favorite color. I have the top done, just need to finish the backing and quilt it. I will attempt to quilt it on my machine, the same way I quilted Ada's.

 This is the quilt top, waiting to be completed. So happy with the way it has turned out so far.

Winter has been mild so far, no big winter weather to speak of. A couple of weeks ago it was very cold, but has warmed up and (almost) feels more like spring instead of winter. Fine with me, I don't care if we do not have any more winter weather than we've had thus far.

Making lots of soups and chili type dishes. I made enchilada's with some leftover white chicken chili that turned out delicious. Honestly, I think I could have eaten these every night for a week. Since there are so many days that I don't feel all that great, it is nice when I can use leftovers and still have a delicious meal.

Basically this is leftover white chicken chili, spinach, enchilada sauce, cheese and toppings of choice.


All photos by spbm.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

09 December 2014

A Winter Kind Of Tuesday

Just returned from Hospital Hill from one of my appointments this week. Another one on Friday and two more next week. Then, I hope that will be it for the months. Feeling better since my iron numbers are moving in the right directions. My iron was way below normal, but taking three iron pills a day and it is helping.

My intention is to be whole and well !!!

Since I somehow managed to write my appointment down wrong, we got there three hours early for my appointment. I wasn't keen on sitting at the hospital for three hours, we went to Cheesecake Factory and consumed too many calories. It's time for me to stop eating what I want, I am back to my normal weight and time to get back to eating all the right stuff.

Some pics of Kansas City from inside Cheesecake Factory.

After eating, we headed back to Truman Hospital.

So very THANKFUL for this hospital. Angels work here.

On another note, my favorite author/artist, Nick Bantock is selling some of his work on Etsy. Who would have thought it!? Not me. I have been an avid admirer of his work since the Griffin and Sabine Trilogy. This is a fantasy that becomes real. I have read these books so many times and thought about the characters so much, that they are very real to me. I want to own at least once piece of his art. Just as soon as I get some extra cash I will purchase a piece. If for no other reason, I want my books and a piece of his art to give to my grand-daughter one day. If you have never read any of his books, you are missing out ! Go find a set for sale, buy them and find you a little corner on a quiet afternoon and take a wonderful journey into the lives of Griffin and Sabine. You'll be hooked for life. Griffin and Sabine will become a permanent parts of your heart and soul.

Griffin and Sabine are always waiting for me to pull them off the shelf and reacquaint myself with them.

All above photos by SPBM

And here are some of his works of art for sale in his Etsy shop.

06 December 2014

Perfect Halibut Recipe

I had some Halibut that my grandson and son-in-law caught on an Alaskan fishing trip. Was searching for an easy and quick recipe tonight and found one on allrecipe.com , halibut piccata recipe Let me tell you, it was amazing ! One I'll be making quite often. The sauce was so darn good I just want to eat it with a spoon.

My photos are not that good, it was already dark by the time dinner was cooked and honestly, I was in a big hurry to devour this stuff. I had some of the purple, red, and orange carrots and roasted them in the oven with olive oil, sea salt, pepper, thyme, and rosemary, when almost ready to take out I drizzled a little pure maple syrup over them and put them back in the oven for a couple of minutes. They came out perfect and delicious. It is quite possible I could have eaten a skillet of these things.