Sunday, June 14, 2009

what can i say

Ever thought that every decision you've ever made was the wrong one? Ever thought that you'd like to get on a plane and go to a new country and start over as a different person?


Julie said...

sometimes we all want to run away and get to do a do over someplace far away, but we have to learn that life is a chance to redo it everyday and start again. persevering is part of the life cycle process and to learn from our mistakes and set new goals

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Julie, you're so sweet! Beautiful comment. Thank you! And you're absolutely right! xoxo

Pop and Ice said...

No.....but I'm a different sort of person. I slog through, don't look back and I don't question my decisions. As you might guess, I'm also not very introspective which probably makes me the wrong sort of person to respond to this post.

But my husband thinks like that all the I suppose I'm here to balance him out in the universe.

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Oh, I wish so much I were like you! I am totally the opposite - I question every single thing. It's a hard thing for me to ever let go of anything; heck, I never let go.

You just balanced him out... :))

thanks so much for your input.


Minka said...

I think many people wish to hit the "New game" button and try again. Like with Tetris or Sims or GTA or something. And they want the codes for money, for happines or for weapons.

Thank God it's not so simple!

namaki said...

Even though we started all over again in another country... I stll think we are still the same somewhere deep inside ... so that's what we have to change instead of changing country, don't you think ?

The Curious Cat said...

Sometimes...but best to try and fix things first if you can...still, it is good to have a change of air - fresh faces, fresh scenery, new challenges and sources of inspiration...sometimes you can go away and come back and then everything suddenly looks different with a fresh perspective xxx

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Minka, it would great I think.:) I think I'd prefer the erase button or exit key.:) One of those keys does not exist IRL, so you push through the sludge.

And getting weapons are easier here than placing your order at a drive thru. There is weapons store next to a thrift store that I go to. Last week when I went, the weapons store was packed. And the scary thing, when the guy was handing out the forms that are required to be filled out, he was telling them if there was something in their past, they could alter the info so that they would be able to buy. Scary!!! Damn scary! But that's a whole different subject.

Thanks for stopping in. xox

Namaki, so right! One would have to have a 'forget' pill to take before they left for their new destination.:) Those do not exist! xox

Curious Cat, (I love that name)! Sometimes it is hard to see the forest for the trees. So right you are, getting a fresh look will often change our perspective on life, on a situation. Maybe one day.:)

Thanks for your visit. I haven't seen you in a long time? xox


I agree with Curious Cat;we can go away somewhere and come back -then everything suddenly seems/looks/becomes different with a fresh NEW perspective & appreciation... Anyway, hope you have a fantastic NEW week darrrlin' You are wonderfully-witty-delicious!!!~XO & blessings as always!

PS~Erin said...

Yes! The urge can be so big. I just read a great quote abt this... "Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted... And experience is often the most valuable thing you have to offer". Often times we learn more in these not-so-settle periods, if we can get past the urge to flee. Hang in there. Oh, and the quote is from The Last Lecture. (GREAT book!)

Minka said...

Sixpence and a Blue Moon, that really IS scary! And I think sometimes that the image of America and Americans we get from TV are all stereotypes - obviously not... Thank God we cannot buy weapons like that around here. Most people believe it's okay this way.

Slices of Beauty... said...

Guess it's normal to feel like that!
The lesson should then be to try again, maybe a different route.

Six Pence, always appreciate your detailed analysis on my posts, such a gem!

Anthony said...

Actually, I used to think that I was more like a victim of life's unbalanced cruelty, always ending up with MORE than my fair share. I really felt WAY too sorry for myself, and was always dwelling on the crap from my past. And I used to cry a LOT. Then, several years ago, I was put on an anti-depressant and my whole outlook started to change!

Now, I no longer dwell on any of the negative experiences that are behind me. I've realized that it does absolutely NO good. And it is only wasted energy! Instead, I will reference those past experiences only as a way to try and gauge present-day decisions. Of course, I still make mistakes once in a while, but that's just part of being human. Even using our BEST judgment doesn't guaranty the ideal outcome every time.

Oh, and I can't remember the last time I had a "pity party" for myself... I tell you, Zoloft is some pretty GREAT stuff!

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Lenore, GF, you are supposed to be out having a great time. :) When are you coming back to the states? I hope you are having a wonderful time! You are so right, I just need some time away, which is not possible at this time. But sometime om the future. You're such a sweetheart, darling!!!!!! xoxox

Erin, being the quote junkie I am, I love the quote. thank you! I am going to have to check this book out. Thanks for your lovely comment. xoxo

Minka, it was the same way when we lived in Germany, you couldn't just go buy a gun. I loved it that way, but then...I am anti-gun! They creep me out!!!! Thanks for your comment. xoxo

Slice of Beauty, I guess my problem is that I think too much. And I am not sure we have all that many choices? Not sure just how much I believe our lives are predestined? But this is part of my problem, I try to figure things out - beforehand and after.:( Thank you for the lovely comment! You're a doll! xoxo

Anthony, I will keep that in mind. However, it's not a victim/depression. (I don't really like putting private things out here on the internet or I would post about it). I am sorta anti-drugs; so I would just run a little longer on the treadmill, or run an extra mile outside. It's not that I would never take a prescription drug, but I don't take anything unless absolutely necessary. All natural is pretty much the way I go. I'll keep it in mind though. thanks for your nice comment. xox

~ ennui ~ said...

almost weekly.....
I'd choose London- where would you go?

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...


Glad I am not alone.:)

If I could go anywhere, I think I'd go to Paris or Tuscany, maybe Barcelona. I have been to all three and love them all for different reasons. I'd turn in all my morals, find a good looking guy with lots of money and have great sex!

I'm just not too hung up on the fact that the 'right' thing is always the right choice.

Yeah, in a day or two my senses will probably find their way home inside my head and I'll say yes, it always pays to do the right thing. :))

I'm not depressed in the 'depressed' sense of the word, I just have a lot going on in my life and at times, it gets to me - but it's what it is.

If you go, let me know if you need a traveling soul mate.:) xoxo

Anthony said...

Six, I didn't mean to imply that I thought you were depressed. Nor was I suggesting that you take a prescription anti-depressant. I guess I didn't really have to go into all of that, but I was just trying to give you an example of someone else (Me!) who also used to question their past decisions and needed to know why nothing ever seemed to go right. I just also happened to be very sad a LOT of the time.

Plus, I thought that it might be helpful for you to know what I had since figured out, the whole wasting-energy-focusing-on-bad-past-decisions-and-their-resulting-bad-experiences thing.

I think it's great that you strive to live as completely natural as possible! I'm just not that kind of person myself. And my depression had me spiralling so far down that I was in desperate need of some pharmaceuticals!

Fortunately, the drugs made a world of difference for me and freed my brain of all the negativity that kept it so clouded before. I also don't analyze and re-analyze everything like I used to. That's pretty darn freeing in itself!

All in all, I feel that I am a MUCH happier person, now. So, I guess more than anything, I was just wanting to share a different outlook with you that I was able to gain with a much clearer head. But YOU probably wouldn't need drugs for that. You seem like a fairly smart cookie, to me!

Depression runs in my family, so I really couldn't escape it. I NEEDED a life preserver or I might've wound up dead!

There I go again, with the epic comments... I tend to be an "open book". Can you tell?

*SparkleMirror* Kiln-Fired Art Studio said...

I've tried this several times in my life, Debra... it worked for a while each time, but then I always caught up with myself. ;)

Kristin said...

Too often but then I look at my little bambino and realize I've made one or two right decisions. : )

down and out chic said...

i once had someone tell me (with one of the hardest and most life changing decision i've ever made)
that life, and my situation at the time, could be seen like a card game. i could either play the cards i was given and hope for the best or fold and start again (and hope for the best).
i folded, at that point, and started again and i wouldn't have it any other way.

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Anthony, you are so sweet!!! I just love you! It's ok, I do have a dark side.:) You can always say anything you want on my blog, I do not want you to feel censored in any way. I have a friend who is always sending me some kind of medicine, whatever she is taking at the moment. Meds scare me, so I steer clear of them. I was one who would never try drugs, and I've never been drunk!

Maybe one day I will write about what's going on in my life? I'm the opposite from you, I hate making my life open. I used to write a lot of poetry and I guess one could interpret some things there, I don't know.

Life is what it is, right now anyways. And who knows, I may one day have to have some drugs.:) I'll confess if I do.

I am glad you are the open book that you are! Love ya! xoxo

David, I think unless we could erase our memory, we would always find ourselves at the other end. But sometimes, it just sounds romantic to think of being someone different, with different problems and new solutions. :) Thanks for stopping in. xox

Kristin, that is such a sweet comment. You look very happy! xox

GF, I am so glad it worked out well. Yeah, we all have a hand to play. My problem though, I think some get a better hand. I believe God does have favorites. :)

I probably shouldn't say that, but one thing I am guilty of is, saying what I think and hell with the consequences.

We should always follow our heart! I'm happy that you did! xoxo

P.S. I am going to be cheerier this week. lol

The Cottage Cheese said...

Oh Sweetie, it sounds like you need a hug! Please know that I am thinking about you through this. I am so much like you, I understand the urge to run away and try to start life again. I question my decisions (particularly about choice of self-employment therefore questionable financial state) constantly. I beat myself up about mistakes that I make. I have self-created "guilt isssues" as my fiance calls them over things like not keeping in touch with extended family. We just have to learn that it is not helpful to hold on to these things.

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement about my Dad. I'm not so good at praying either, but it's funny how at times like this I find myself making little deals with God. (Even though I haven't been to church in many, many years). My Dad has COPD (pulmonary disease) among other problems. They're running all kinds of tests. What worries me the most is that he's losing weight like crazy. I'm hopeful that he still has a few more years (he's only 63), but at this point we really don't know and I must be realistic about the situation. I wish we could just runaway from reality. Where shall we go? Hawaii is nice!

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

CC, Firstly, I am so sorry about your dad, but maybe it's nothing really. The body is an amazing piece of work, so we can never give up on it. Your dad is still very young and I'm betting he has many, many more years left. Try not to think bad thoughts, and let the wonderful doctors do their thing.

Gosh, we sound very much alike, holding onto guilt. I bet you over-analyze things too? I sure do. What can we do with ourselves?

A trip far away sounds lovely doesn't it? Let's go. I've never been to Hawaii, but it sounds like heaven right now. Let's summons that magic carpet and head out to paradise.

I haven't been to church in many, many years either. I do believe in God, but I have trouble with the hypocrisy that I see in churches. And I don't think I could ever live up to their standards. I see too much judgment coming from the pulpit and pews, and that's so not my things. Anyway, I will say some prayers for you father, for you and your family.

How's that deal making working out between you and God? If it is working, tell me what the trick is. It doesn't work so well for me. He doesn't like my deals, or, He doesn't trust to me keep my end of the deal. Hmmm...something for me to think about.:))

xoxoxo Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I think that you've highlighted a key reason why people find living abroad so attractive. When you live abroad, you are a different person in that country. You have a different identity. That was certainly the experience that I had.