Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Everybody's Someone

  “Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.”


Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Gave me a nice goosebumps when they show the guy who saved his buddy~ walking in miles...
Inspiring video!
Hope you are doing well darling~

Anthony said...

OMG, Six!
I'm SO glad to see that you ARE still alive (and well, I hope)! I've thought about you, wondered why you weren't blogging, and just tried my best to believe that you were perfectly fine all this time, and just needed a bit of a blogging break.

I was real concerned that maybe even MORE death or tragedy had struck your world. I know how tough the last few years have been for you, and figured that ANYTHING else might possibly push you over the edge. I kept wanting to send you a short email to say "Hi!", just so you'd know that you were being thought of and missed. But I couldn't do that... "Grrr!"

Well, please don't think I'm your new stalker, now, or anything! 'Cuz I'm sooo NOT. You were just always one of my favorite blogging pals, and I've really missed your warm, sincere spirit!

Welcome back! Maybe you could stick around for a while, this time... ;)


Anthony said...

P.S. - Oh, yeah. I completely forgot to say what I wanted to about your post...

This song isn't my usual "cup of tea", but it was nice. I like what it's saying. The video was neat, too! I think Leann Rimes looks terrific, and just about the best I've ever seen her. And then, "HELLO, there, Brian Mcfadden! I don't believe we've met before. Allow me to introduce myself..." Needless to say, he sure got my attention! Cute AND a great voice.

Alright, there you go. Now, I'm done!


Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Hello Darling! It is great to see you. Great that you enjoyed the video. It is definitely a feel good song and video. I cry every time I watch it. I'm a big sap, though. I'm doing well, thank you. How are you doing? I'll get over to your blog and see what great and exciting places you have been visiting. Thanks so much for stopping by. xox

Hey, Sweetheart! It's great to see you!!! I am alive and well!:) I've been busy planting and getting ready for summer. Can't wait. I'm thrilled winter is behind us (though you don't really have to suffer from the cold as I do) I did take a blogging break. However, I do have a fb account if you have one, let's connect. Mostly political stuff for me there.

Guess what did happen? Marelli and Portia did it again - she had more puppies. Poor little Marelli is scheduled to get fixed here in about 3-4 weeks. I have no idea when or how it happened? I think he woke up at night and opened the bedroom door. Anyway, I have more puppies to take care of - five more heartbreaks! They are so damn cute!!! I had a couple of the others for almost 9 months before I could finally let them go. I can't do that this time; I have to let them go at 8 weeks.

You can so be my stalker, anytime, darling.

I keep saying I do not like country music, but then there are certain songs and videos that I do like. If there is a great message to the lyrics, I do like 'some' of them. Being the bleeding-heart liberal that I am, I loved the message in this song. I always want to save the world. And I so want to play chess with that little boy with the smile from east to west. Leann does look great in this video. I want her shoes! Brain McFadden is gorgeous!!! He is (I believe) married to Delta Goodrem. And, I believe they are both from Australia, but not certain of that. If they didn't have such terrible snakes and spiders there, I would move there.:)

It is wonderful to see you Anthony! How is the husband? Miss you bunches! And, let me know if you have a fb account.

Thank you very much for missing me!! xoxox

Anthony said...

Yes! I am on facebook!
Just look up Anthony See, and send me a friend request. I only know that your real first name is Debra, haven't a clue as to your last. So YOU would have to be the fb initiator... I don't know, do you think you can handle it? ;)

Oh, yeah. I tend to be a bit of a smart-ass, every now and then. If you "friend me" on fb, you'll probably see a lot more examples of that. It's never anything personal, I assure you. It's just me being me (thinking I'm being funny). But still, consider this fair warning!

One last thing!
That's so exciting you have more puppies, even though you would've preferred none... Sadly, we lost our little dog (Mr. Scoots) about 2 months ago. He was around 14 or 15 y.o., but we rescued him from the city pound when he was already 5. Still, even after loving & living with our furry friend for only 9 years, losing him just absolutely devastated us. He was an indoor dog, mostly, so we always knew where he was at any given moment, if not right beside us or at our feet. To this day, the house feels empty without him.

I know we'll get another pet... someday.


well, hello there, lady!!! OMG! so wonderful to see you again! i've truly missed you AND your blog! would love to have you drop by my place[s] and sit and let's have a long visit to play catch up on all - soon! - have a glorious weekend, dear!

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Anthony, I sent you an invite on fb. Don't worry; being a smart-ass will not bother me. As you will soon see, I am very opinionated about the things I believe it. I voice them a little more on fb, mainly because most of the people are political connections, a few old blogging friends.

I am so sorry about you loss! It would be like losing a family member. I absolutely love my dogs. I cried for weeks after letting the other puppies go, but I know where they are and they are in the hands of some great and loving families. Portia and Marelli are inside dogs, they wouldn't know how to survive for more than a couple of hours, if that long, outside. Portia should not have had more puppies, I guess I was naive on how creative male dogs could get. WHAT WAS I THINKING?? I know better.:) So, as much as I hate the idea of Marelli getting cut, it is going to happen. Don't want Portia to go through this again. I don't want to go through it again, it is not right. But...they are beautiful...and will make some people very happy. I wish I could keep them, just can't afford it and I do not have a house big enough.:)

I look forward to seeing you on fb. You're such a wonderful person...and eye candy. :) Thanks for all your wonderful messages.

One day I am going to make it West and meet up with you and your better half for a meal and some great friendly chatting. xoxox

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Hello Beautiful! It makes me feel wonderful that you missed me. I will by your blog tonight for a visit. How are things with you? We much catch up...xox

Draffin Bears said...

Lovely to have you back Sixpence, and I hope that you are well and life is going well for you.

Happy week

Poppy said...

Love is great. I love it.