Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mysterious Skies

The sky was so beautiful this evening...even though I really would like for the rain to go away and come back another week. We are floating around here.:(

Sometimes we see the past so clearly, and read the legend of its parts with such acuity, that every stitch of time reveals its purpose, and the kind of message enfolded in it. ~Shantaram


Nothing in any life, no matter how well or poorly lived, is wiser than failure or clearer than sorrow. ~Shantaram


"Be true to love where ever you find it, and be true to yourself and everything that you really are." ~Shantaram


drollgirl said...

that book was A TRIP. he is not the greatest writer ever (AT ALL), but he sure had a hell of a story to tell! riveting!

drollgirl said...

er, i might be referring to the wrong thing here. i was thinking of the book shantaram by gregory david roberts.

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

wiser than failure or clearer than sorrow...reminds me that the grapes grown in harsh soil condition would produce great wines!( so I've read)
Hope you are all well darling!

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Drollgirl, yeah, you're right, it is Shantaram. It's my favorite book ever! I've read it five times and bought the book on cd. I am obsessed with it. :) My dream would be to meet him.:)) Yes he had one hell of a story ! xox

Lenore, So they do say, huh. I'm doing well, just not as exciting of a life as you have.:) Enjoy your trip sweetie! xox