Thursday, July 15, 2010

Simple Dinner

I've been using the corn relish I made over the weekend as if it is the wonder food, actually, it is. :) I opened a can of kidney beans, added some chopped red onion, grated a carrot, a little whole wheat pasta, and mixed a couple spoons of the corn relish, then put this on top of fresh baby spinach, and a little tuna with some chopped apple - made a complete, delicious and healthy meal. With the corn relish, I did not need to add any dressing. At the rate I am eating this stuff, going to have to make more before corn season ends. :)


steven said...

heey sixpence, could you e-mail me a little plate of that! you lucky lucky person to be able to put together yummys for yourself like that!!! food is so spectacular - well it can be!! steven

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Hi Steven! Long time no see, blogging friend.:) My fault I know, but I am back to spending more time blogging. Had more five more heartbreaks to endure. Just had Portia and Marelli fixed yesterday, there will be NO more. I think Marelli was opening the bedroom door to get to Portia. (imagine that) Did not even know Portia was expecting more puppies until 3 days before she had them. They were of course as cute as the first liter. I found great homes for all of them, so I'm happy and delighted at that. I get updates on all of them on a regular basis. And one girl from Starbucks across the street from where I live took one, so I hear about her all the time.:) It was like having babies in the house and I feel like I have had babies for almost 2 years now. I feel good about all of them being healthy and in great puppy condition.:) I'll post a couple picture just for you to show your daughter. The last liter consisted of three girls and two boys, weighing from 2 oz. - 6 oz. at birth. Let me tell you, 2 oz. was too darn little. I could not sleep for days, worried about the little guys.

Probably more info than you cared about knowing. :)

Yes, food is so spectacular. I miss food in Europe. They enjoy food so much. I mean that in the sense that they take time to enjoy a meal, whereas in America, people eat as if they are vacuum sweepers. It so nice this time of year - great fresh fruit and veggies, my favorite. It's so much easier to eat light in the summer time, which always feels so much healthier.

Good to have you visit. Hope life is sweet for you!