Tuesday, June 07, 2011

A Good Tired

I'm so tired tonight. I've been working outside almost every second of every day since the weather has cleared -  and it's about time to call it a day and take a nice hot bath. I will start scraping my “small” porch tomorrow and try to get it scraped and painted this week. HOA claims to be going to replace some porches and I'm waiting to see if mine will be one of them, so...I don't want to put a lot of time into it. I can't stand looking at the peeling paint; the winter weather seems to have taken its tole on the cosmetic appearance.

Still can't get enough of my blooming flowers.:)

I hope everyone is having a beautiful week.



Gail said...

Nothing like the good tired of physical labor at the end of the day.

Jane said...

You have every right to be tired! An hour outside and I would have called it a day :)
Your flowers are beautiful and your photos are gorgeous!! I love the pic of the cat in the flower pot!

alexandra grecco said...

beautiful! well done ; )



LadyCat said...

Don't forget to take some time to relax, too : ) Your flowers are so lovely.

Poppy said...

Going to bed tired is THE BEST. :) It makes my sleep so much better. Can't wait to finish my exams and do some work in and around the house too. :)

adrielleroyale said...

So pretty! I just love summer for the simple blessing (among others) of splashes of color like these :)

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Gail, I totally agree - it just feels good. xOx

Jane, I don't know that I have the energy, more determination. However, even that (determination) is running thin today. Thanks so much for the compliment on the flowers and the photos. Not sure how long the flowers will look beautiful, the heat has been record breaking "HOT" already, they look wilted by 11 a.m. I having a hard time keeping everything watered enough. That kitten is adorable, huh. Have a great day! xOx

Alexandra, thank you. xOx

Ladycat, I'm trying - so much to do. Thank you! xOx

Poppy, I think so too, I love being so tired that I go right to sleep. I do not fall to sleep easily, so it is nice to be able to do so. Although, last night, I was almost delirious from exhaustion.:) Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend. xOx