Sunday, April 29, 2012

People we haven't met...yet

I often think about things too complex and impossible to ever figure out - like how different I might be had I been raised by different parents, gone to different schools, grown up in a different on and so on. It is my belief that people are shaped as much by the environment they grow up in and the people they grow up with, every bit as much as their DNA is responsible for who they are.

People are so impressionable - kind of like marshmallows, or, maybe a cake that needs just a few more minutes in the oven before completely done and when you press your finger in the center, it leaves an impression in the center that doesn't bounce back. We're all a little bit of lots of different people, places, and teachings.

Maybe we are shaped a little by the people we haven't met, the ones we create.

Photo: SPBM

“It’s true the people we meet shape us. But the people we don’t meet shape us also, often more because we have imagined them so vividly. There are people we yearn for but never seem to meet. Every adult yearns for some stranger, but it is really childhood we miss. We are yearning for that which has been stolen from us by what we have become.

We are not at home in the world because we imagined it is as we have become, full of nothing but yearning and forgetting and hoping for something so raw we can’t describe it. We think of the world as the place of beginnings and ends, and we forget the inbetween, and even how to inhabit our own bodies. And then in adulthood, we sit and wonder why we feel so lost.” — Simon Van Booy, Love Begins in Winter


Catherine of 8 Women Dream said...

You have a lovely blog.

Glynis said...

This post got my wheels turning. I love the idea of being shaped by people we haven't met yet. I love your thoughts. Incredible post! xo

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...


It is a pleasure and joy to have you visit my blog. 8 Women Dream is a very empowering place to visit and hang out. I hop over there quite often - needing all the positive vibes I can find. Thank you!


Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...


Just left your blog, it was an awesome read for me tonight. I love your thoughts and since reading your blog, each post has been exactly what I needed.

I seriously need to work on living in the now. Going to think on your words tonight before going to sleep.

Thank you!


Cat said...

coming over for a visit from Glynis' space
I love your thoughts in this post
there are so many factors to our shaping, so much diversity
it is a beautiful thing

love and light

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Hi Cat!

Thanks so much for your visit and following. I am following your blog, and will get back there a little later to read some of your post.

It's so true - every single experience, person, and event in our lives shapes and molds into the person we are.

I have wondered if we could take a pill and forget every person and event from our past and start over with a clean slate, just how different we would be from the person we are? Maybe it would be better if we could erase all the things that affected us negativly. :) Some people are good at letting those things go, I have never mastered the art of letting go.

Have a beautiful evening and night!