Friday, April 06, 2012

when in doubt, [believe!]


A magnet on my fridge, that I really need to read and practice for a few days. I am surrounded by sickness and hospitals. I am a caregiver, and all of it leaves me feeling so empty and drained all the time anymore. There is no in-between space, no normal. hospitals, emergency rooms, doctors, meds, and worry is the norm. I find it more and more difficult to believe in miracles. I want to believe, at least some of the time.

(My note from the Universe this morning.)
Never has there been a moment in your life, Sixpence, that wasn't also a moment in mine.
Never have you laughed without me, cried alone, or loved in vain
And never have you dreamed a dream, that destiny had not ordained.
The Universe

One of the favorite lamps in my house. I found this at the thrift store a couple years ago.


I love the refelection of the trees in my cup of tea.
Sometimes it is nice to serve yourself from fine china, tea and coffee always taste better from fine china.

I rearranged my bedroom a couple of nights ago. Amazing how disoriented my entire being has been the past couple of nights.

A close up of my quilt I made around 4 years ago, after seeing one from Anthropologie that I wanted. I love this, but need to make a new one. This one is starting to show some wear.

I keep thinking I will buy a new mattress, my KING size mattress is more than I need, and takes up too much room. So I've been waiting on that before making a new quilt. I do have a king size top already made, it's hanging out in the closet, waiting to be finished.

All photos taken by SPBM

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