Monday, October 29, 2012

a bite out of olive garden

Have you ever wondered about restaurants re-serving food? I have. A while back we got take-home from Olive Garden. I "used" to love Olive Garden, not so much anymore. Anyway, when I opened the salad box and was putting salad on the plate, I got almost sick to my stomach, the pepper had a bite, or two, taken out of it. I put the entire meal in the trash, no way I could eat anything from there.

I considered taking it back, but knew they would just want to give me another and I didn't want another one.

I thought I might get over it at some point, thinking it was just a one-time-deal, I haven't. I won't. It is doubtful I will ever eat there again. :(

It makes me sad, I 'liked' Olive Garden, a lot.

Yes I know, this could happen anywhere, but it hasn't, yet...not that I know of. If it ever does, I'll not be giving that place any money either.

Now, I'll have to make my own, using the copycat recipes.



collarcitybrownstone said...

I assume that was a picture of the offending pepper. Yuck. How can you really tell that it is a bite though?

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

I have no doubt it was a bite. I would have got over it by now if there had been any possibility it wasn't. It was very YUCK. Had I stated eating already it would have made me sick.

Cat said...

oh oh oh
that is so awful!!!!!!!

love and light

Lola G. said...

What an awful thing to have happen! We got takeout years ago from a favorite restaurant, and I found a bug in my entree -- after that, I got a shiver just driving by the place.

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Cat, I know. I hardly ever eat out or order food, but when I do I want to enjoy it without wondering if it has been in someone else's mouth or on another plate.


Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Lola, I am the same way...once something like this happens, I can't ever go back. I am well aware it could happen anywhere. I grew up working in my sister and brother-in-laws restaurants and I can tell you, you could almost eat off the floors.

I will always ask to be moved if they seat me where I can see the kitchen. :) Doesn't make it any cleaner, but if I see it, I can't eat.