Sunday, November 11, 2012

plump, juicy raisins

photo by spbm

If you don't do this, you are making a huge mistake...I always keep this little crocked filled with raisins, covered with water and three or four vanilla beans. This makes the raisins plump and juicy, perfect in oatmeal, cookies, or just for eating a spoon full every now and then (well, maybe more than that).
Raisins are healthy and make a great snack. They are great for blood glucose (just be sure you count them in your carbs if you are diabetic.) But I do recommend you working them into your diet, for the health benefits if for no other reason.

The syrup is a great alternative to sugar - Add it to your oatmeal if the raisins are not enough sweetness for you. Be sure you replace the water to keep the raisins covered.

I am going to try this with rum one of these days. I just hate spending the money on a bottle of rum when I don't drink it. :) I do think it would add some awesome flavor.


LadyCat said...

What a great idea and sounds delicious! I had never heard of that. I love raisins and vanilla. Adding rum does sound good, too. It would be good drizzled on a slice of pound cake. I buy a bottle around the holidays to put a touch in egg nog.

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

I think the rum would make it a real treat. I really do plan to try it. If you like raisins, LC, do this. :)