Tuesday, December 04, 2012

fix your bad days...

photo by ef

I was talking with my daughter today on the phone and Edison was in the background talking non-stop as normal, when he said:

"You gotta fix your bad days yourself."

He is a thinker at the ripe old age of four.

The photo is his best friend, Hobbes. I have spent quite a few hours repairing Hobbes, this past summer I repaired his feet and nose and a couple of scratches. Over Thanksgiving, I did some pretty major sewing up, and giving him another new nose and repairing some torn up ears.
He was given Hobbes as an infant, he had belonged to his mother. David found Hobbes at an airport on a trip and got both girls one, because we loved Calvin and Hobbes so much. They always had Hobbes sitting on their beds.
Not Edison, He doesn't do anything or go anywhere without Hobbes. Hobbes really does come to life, I can assure you of this.
When they were here over Thanksgiving, He had taken Hobbes to bed with him and I was waiting for Edison to go to sleep and it did not seem to be happening, I went upstairs and ask if I could take Hobbes downstairs to work on him,  (since they were leaving the next morning) Edison says, "sure thing, Hobbes has been waiting for you.." 
Hobbes got pretty rowdy while sewing him up, but with a little talking to, he settled right down.
Every child needs a Hobbes in their life! He nurtures Edison's imagination like nothing else can.
I am thankful Edison has Hobbes, and that, Hobbes has Edison - they compliment each other. :) 

Best Friends.


Nyssa said...

awww I love this. I'm all for children's imaginations, it's where art and wisdom are born.

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

So true... I feel for kids who have no one to help nuture their imagination, without it, they do not have much of a chance. I'm all for "free thinking". :)


Cat said...

loven' the changes you have made in your space : )
could you email me your mailing addy?

love and light

ps thanks for the b-day wishes xo

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Hi Cat,

Thanks so much! Hopefully, I leave my blog this way for a while. :) I think I change it so often because it is so hard to change the other things in my life. :) Kinda like changing your hair.

Yes I will send you an email tonight with my address. :)

Thanks for asking.

I do hope you had a great b-day.