Thursday, December 27, 2012

some good stuff

photo by spbm
I'm going to need a twelve step program soon...Our daughter, Jaime, gave us a juicer for Christmas. YEAH!!! I've been wanting one forever, but since counter space in my kitchen is at a premium, I always put off getting another counter top appliance.

Since getting this awesome, wonderful machine, I am spending a lot of time washing a juicer since I can't seem to get enough of this one particular juice - carrot, apple & ginger. I haven't made any other juice than this one, not sure I ever will. :) When I think I will try something else, I time.

I'm pretty sure I'll be turning orange soon. :)

photo by spbm


Lola G. said...

My husband and I still have the juicer we requested as a wedding gift 33 years ago. It's been sitting on a shelf unused for an extended period, so it may be time to give it a workout. Ginger and carrot is my favorite "everyday" combination, but my all-time favorite, which we haven't done in many a year, is cantaloupe. Quite some time ago, we lived near a produce market that sold things at the end of the day that weren't going to have the taste or the looks to be sellable the following day. That's where we would buy 4 or 5 cantaloupes (probably for the price of 1) and bring them home to create a fabulous drink. A good filter was essential, and we didn't get much juice from one melon, but it was such a treat!

If you create a combination that has you dancing a jig, I'd love to hear about it -- in the meantime, I'm going to give serious thought to pulling out our neglected machine and prepping plenty of ginger!

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Oh really must. I made two of these drinks for myself today, loved every drop. I really do need to get adventurous and try some other combos. :) Cantaloupe sounds so good, will wait for them to come into season for that. I'm thinking ginger with any melon would be good. I know it's great on watermelon; I always grate fresh ginger on watermelon. I found it a bit intimidating when I first got it, but after a couple of juices, not at all now. I have found that it easier to put my glass of juice in the freezer while I clean the machine and then my drink is a little bit on the cool side. The idea of cleaning this thing after it has sat for a while doesn't appeal to me. :) I am going to start saving the pulp from the carrots and put it in the freezer for my soups. I have a hard time with throwing food of any kind down the drain. :) I will let you know when I get past my carrot, apple and ginger drink. If you come up with any good combos, let me know. :)

Hope you had a great Christmas!
Have a wonderful New Year!!!!

Slices of Beauty... said...

Looks so yum! Merry Christmas to you, love. x

LadyCat said...

Looks so yummy and sounds very good for you. Ginger has so many great benefits. Enjoy!

Cat said...

yum yum
looks good!

seasons blessings!

love and light

jo said...

hooray for juicers! i actually got rid of my microwave in an effort to be healthier and to make more counter space for my juicer. juicing can get addicting! but, as far as addictions go, it's not a bad one to have! ;)
happy new year...and happy juicing!!

Lola G. said...

Ginger and melon together...mmm...I'm liking the sound of that! I had no idea.

All those many moons ago, in the time of juicing on a regular basis, we knew a woman who shared your outlook about wasting what was left behind. She made an amazing bread from the pulp of the juice – something like an essene bread, if you're familiar with what that is. It was very dense and nutrient-rich. It contained an abundance of seeds, perhaps some dates as well, if memory serves me correctly. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't something I would have eaten very often. I haven't thought of it in quite a long time.

My husband has been a vegetarian since he was 16 (he turns 60 in 4 months) and has kept to a raw-food diet for several years now. I mention this because we no longer share much in the way of food, so juice may be something to enjoy together. I appreciate the inspiration you're providing!

Here's to whatever tasty adventures 2013 may bring us!