Monday, October 21, 2013

happy monday, everyone!

Hello Everyone!

It's been a while since I posted - it was a very rough summer and I've been trying to find solid footing, once again. I hope everyone else had a great summer, and made some wonderful memories to think on during rainy days.

The past couple of weeks, I have been busy making things for the kids. Our little Ada turns four today!!! Wishing I could have experienced her big day, always with her in spirit, though.

The weather is changing, the temperature is dropping and the leaves are changing. Not sure I am ready for winter, but whether I am or not, it will surely come to visit for a time. I'm so not looking forward to not seeing my flowers when I look out my kitchen window. I will miss going out to the pond and watching the fish, they have grown so much. After talking to several people who should know, we're not going to bring the fish in this winter. hoping they survive. They are too big to bring in and keep inside now, but have been told they will be fine. Guess we'll see. And hoping Cosmos doesn't come around and go fishing when food becomes a little more scares for him. The pond did great this summer, did something new with the filter, making it much more enjoyable, not having to clean the filter every few days. The fish have a lot of hiding places, so maybe they can stay hidden from Cosmos (the raccoon who visits during the winter on a daily basis).

Trying to stay busy, which is not a hard thing to do in my life, but trying to stay creative and make some things. I've got to get some of my fabric made into something useful. So much of it has been packed since I moved back from Germany, so a bit embarrassed at how much I have. I think anyone who sews has an abundance of fabric just waiting to be made into something pretty and beautiful.

I made Ada a quilt to match her doll quilts I made for her last Christmas. She loves it and has slept with it every night since she got it, (always a good thing when Ada likes what I make her). Also made Ada and her big brother banners for their rooms, and making another doll, which I did not get finished. :( If only I did not need to sleep, I could create day and night.

Ada's and Rocky's Banners

Ada's Quilt

And then, last week I made this awesome delicious soup! Yes, it is soup time, once again. (Isn't it always soup time?) In my house it is. :) Anyways, this will be a favorite this winter, at least it is until I make it too much. I got the recipe here: I followed this recipe exactly and it was perfect. Seldom do I do that. Give this a try, you'll love it; perfect blend of flavors.

Apple Cider Chicken Stew


Photos by SPBM

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