Saturday, March 08, 2014

Just Like Christmas

 photo by spbm
Awesome gift from my friend, Nancy. Kaffe Fasset is one of our favorite artist / designers, and we used to spend hours looking at his books and talking about his wonderful talent.

Nancy works magic on the sewing machine, and she taught me so much when I started sewing... So thankful for her. We had so much fun while living in Germany. How I wish we were still there, enjoying all the beauty of Europe.

photo by spbm

And I got two boxes of fun stuff and treats from my daughter yesterday. She is always finding things that we enjoyed in Europe, like these little cookies. A cafe in downtown Darmstadt, Germany would serve a couple of these delicious little biscotti-like cookies with the delicious cup of coffee. We will not discuss how many I have already eaten, as I am sure it is a sinful number. She sent so many other things that just make you want to get your arms around your daughters neck and give her one huge hug...and not let go. She's amazing!

I'm really hoping winter is a distant memory and spring is around the bend. The need for the color green, warm air, and sunshine is at an alarming level. It has not been as severe in KC as in other parts of the country, very thankful we did not experience any more than we did.

David had foot surgery, and one of our worst storms happened after he got home and we were not able to get back to the doctor for over a week. I was a bit stressed about that, considering how fast things can go bad. They took the bone and joint out of one toe, put in a pin and hinge to try to straighten the toe, hoping this will allow the toe to finally heal after four years. I have high hopes that I will eventually not be treating his feet every night, which has had to be done every single night, except for when he was hospitalized. It's not the doing it that I mind, it's the dreading all day as to whether they will be OK when I unwrap them. It would be so wonderful to not have to worry so much about them. I do try very hard to not worry, but it so very hard. Doing meditation and listening to a lot of positive tapes has helped.

Trying to find inspiration for spring. I'd like to redo some of the house, not sure I'll get much done. Not having anyone to help me move stuff makes it a little difficult to rearrange.

Posting a few images of what I find inspiring at this time.
Source: Fine Little Day
I'm loving the little houses. Would so love to have rooms this big and open. (Hoping the Universe hears my plea.)
Source: kudzuantiques
This is just such a great and artistic wall sculpture.
Source: Graham & Brown
How cool is this!? I could make-believe I am space traveling any time.
Loving the tile back-splash.

Have a beautiful and lovely weekend!

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