Thursday, August 14, 2014

Believing for a miracle.

I have been in the hospital the past week and half. I had a problem that sent me to the emergency room and ended up having surgery.  They have diagnosed me with Sjorgren's Syndrome. I know they say this has invaded my body, but I refuse to allow it to stay in my body. I am claiming and believing for a complete healing. 

I had put off going to the doctor for years because I do not have insurance. 

It is my intention to make good things come from this. 
It is my intention to be well and whole.

I am planning to start a journal of my journey to healing, maybe even a blog.

Doing a lot of meditation right now. It is my belief the body can heal itself, I plan to do just that!

I hope this finds everyone doing well.

All prayers and good thoughts are appreciated so much!

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