Monday, August 17, 2015


I guess I did not realize how much my medicine was helping with my symptoms of my disease. I've been without it for a couple weeks now after choosing to buy a washer instead of buying medicine for a month or two. Even when taking it I have flare-ups and bad days, but I could hardly get out of bed today and am having a hard time walking. Last night cutting up a potato was almost out of the question.

I could not stay in bed this morning, I have to take care of David. I forced myself up and took my time getting down the stairs. It took a while for me to get his breakfast this morning, cause opening a jar and cutting up an apple, raising my arms to get the tin of tea was excruciating.

After I got his breakfast I was looking up info on things to take to boost my immune system. I take iron for my anemia and vitamins and fish oil, but wanted to maybe take something more. I was surprised to find that they do not recommend you take anything to boost your immune system since auto immune diseases is an over-active immune system and taking things could actually do more harm. How the hell do you win with this?

I would like to go back to bed and I would if it would help. But the pain doesn't go away when I'm in bed, so I may as well be up. I can't really work on a project right now, my hands do not work well enough to sew or do any macrame today. Possibly tomorrow.

My beautiful Koi, they always bring a sense of peace and calm when I watch them.

 All photos by SPBM

I saw this little story of a donkey falling down a well on Pinterest and found it to be quite inspiring.I hope you enjoy it as well.

 Found on Pinterest.


Gail said...

What beautiful Koi. I have a small garden with only four. Two white and two tri colored. They bring me peace just watching them.

My dogs also cool in the pond. One day I looked and there was the Border Collie with the Koi happily swimming around her.

Hope you are able to get your medicine soon. Have you tried researching the company? Sometimes the drug company has a program where they help patients with their medication when funds are limited.

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Thank you Gail.

I love my Koi. Some in the pond are goldfish. We bought some baby goldfish for 10 cents each and put them in the pond in March. They have grown so big and are really pretty now. They help fill the pond with pretty colors. But the snake got quite a few goldfish and Koi. They are starting to get a little more comfortable once again.

Hopefully by the time I could go through the company and get medicine I will already have some. That is a very long process, we've done it before on some of David's prescriptions. I really want to get it, going without it can do damage to my organs, stomach, joints, and eyes.

Hope you're having a wonderful week. Can you believe summer is coming to a close? I sure can't. Summer seems so brief anymore.