Thursday, September 01, 2016

New Items Listed

I was actually looking forward to September. August was an awful month. Everything in the house and outside the house broke. I was all hyped up about September being a turn for the better, only to get up and find the pond was empty this morning. Fortunately, we caught it early enough that as of yet, we have lost no fish. We took the tub out and cleaned it and put some water back in and can find no holes or leaks? Hopefully, this was just a left over from the month of August. I'm tired. 

Beautiful Vintage Brass Candleholders. Buy them here:

Beautiful Wood Sewing Box. Could be used for many things, craft storage, makeup, art supplies, the possibilities are endless. Buy this beautiful sewing box here:

This pair of Shabby Chic Original Paintings would look beautiful in any room. You can purchase them here:

 And check out this beautiful NEMADJI Pottery Pot. The colors are just breath taking beautiful. Buy it here:

Need a Seattle City Mug for your Starbucks Mug Collection? Here you go, a perfect 1994 Seattle City Mug:

Beautiful Wicker Picnic Basket. You can purchase it here:

I've got some great stuff for sale in my Etsy shop. Go take a look.

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