Monday, February 06, 2017

Blue and White Rule

A plate, cup, saucer, bowl, any dish will always jump out and grab me when I am close by. I have always loved mixing and matching dishes for a beautiful table. I entered a competition in Little Rock years ago, where we were responsible for designing a tablescape for a large Valentine's Dinner. Each table was 12 ft. I chose to mix and match. I really did not expect to win a thing, but ended up winning in every category except one, where I took second place. I don't even remember what it was. It was before cell phones and digital cameras. :(

Blue and white dishes always appeal to me in a big way, however, I love all colors and have never limited myself to a color scheme.

I have been selling a lot of my dinnerware, just do not have the dinners or functions anymore to justify having so much. And, my house is much smaller and limited space also plays a factor in deciding what I need to keep.

I am posting some awesome pics of collections that I found on Pinterest, along with some blue and white dishes I have listed in my Etsy shop.

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Here are a few blue and white pieces I have listed:

Photo Credit: SPBM 
You can purchase this beautiful platter here: SPBM Etsy

Photo Credit: SPBM
Go here to purchase these beautiful plates: SPBM Etsy

Photo Credit: SPBM
Buy them here: SPBM Etsy

I hope you have enjoyed the blue and white post.

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