Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lost Treasures

Nothing excites me more than hunting for an unknown treasure... and then, finding it. Yesterday I was out and about searching for discarded and unwanted treasures, when a lady come up to me and says "I have been noticing how you are dressed, the same way my daughter dresses. I want to find some things like the stuff you are wearing for my daughter. What do you think of this jacket?" One look at the jacket and I wanted to attack the woman, grab the jacket and run out the door with it, it was so darn cute. Instead, I maintained my composure and said, "I
love it!" as genuine as I could.
Usually when I walk through the doors I head straight to the back, and look at clothes last. Mostly, the clothes I like are things that most others do not like on the racks. So I suppose the lesson I learned was, look at clothes first. I LOVED that jacket!
Seriously, I can't complain. I found some neat items. I found these really cool vintage Fireking two-toned orange cups with a diamond pattern on the outside. Then this aqua pitcher caught my eye. Visions of a summer day with a warm breeze, sitting on grandma's front porch, drinking ice tea, caused me to purchase this beautiful vintage pitcher. I will be putting these on ebay or etsy, not sure which.
If I had any room left in my cabinets, they would stay in my house... I do not.:(

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