Saturday, January 10, 2009

beauty is in eye of the beholder

I know that the things I find lovely and beautiful are not always the things other people find attractive. I have things in my house no one else would dare have. This is ok with me; I do not want a house that is a carbon copy of another. There is something about rust, chips, tears and dents that I am drawn to. Perhaps it is knowing I am so imperfect and yet, God loves me anyways, even with all my imperfections.

Last August,while driving through the neighborhood I spotted a trash heap. My eyes were fixed upon this wrought iron sticking out of a box. Anything RUSTY always catches my attention. I stopped the car and marched over to the heap of trash...there it was, this beautiful Spanish looking wrought iron and lovely decorative piece. I grabbed it, quickly, before another whose love for the 'old and rusty' spotted it.
It now hangs above my hall closet and looks right at home. There is the initial "D" in the center, which means it surely was waiting on me for deliverance.


Amy Cannon said...

I love that!!!!Deliverence...I think things with rust, chips, scrapes the history...Everything has a story....Just adds to the mystery!!! I love it.....

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Thanks for stopping in and commenting. One thing about items that have their chips and bangs, you don't have to fret over that first scratch or nic.:)