Monday, January 12, 2009

Recycled Jeans - Picnic Blanket For Bella

Since I have trouble throwing out anything, I can't bear to throw out old jeans or clothes. It takes some time, but worth the effort to wash up old torn or stained clothing, cut them apart and make them into something beautiful and functional.

I have made several jean quilts. They are not my favorite to make; they are heavy to work on and hard on the fingers, wrist and hands. I just finished this one last night, a picnic blanket for Bella. I sewed the binding on with my machine, this way, it will be durable and with-stand any abuse.
Hopefully, she will dress up with her sun hat and purple sunglasses, gloves, a frilly dress adorned with lots of beads, imperfect applied lipstick and blush of course... and enjoy a breezy Sunday afternoon picnic with her girlfriends... and make some wonderful memories to draw upon later in life.
In my opinion, these are a great!


lori said...

Your blanket is adorable. I have made several myself, and they are definitely hard on the hands. Great job.

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Hi Lori, yes they are, hard on the hands. I have made severl full size quilts and one king size...this may be my last jean quilt.:) I see you do a long of work with jeans, you have some beautiful things. What kind of machine do you use? I have made a couple of purses, but my machine doesn't do well when sewing thick jeans. In fact, my machine ended up in the shop while working on one jean purse.
Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

lori said...

I just use a Brother machine I paid $100 from Walmart. I have been beating it up for years. I just make sure I clean and oil daily. The best advice I can give is to use jean needles when working with the heavier fabrics and layers. And get a jeanamajig to help over the thicker areas like belt loops. It definitely takes time and patience. Good Luck.

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

I do use jean needles, but I am not familiar with a jeanamajig. I may look into buying a cheap machine to use for jean sewing. Not sure if I'll be making anymore quilts, but since I can't stand to throw anything out, I would like to make totes and a few things. Thank you for the reply back and info, I will apply your recommendations.:)
Have a wonderful day!!!

roseylittlethings said...

Love this idea, I have stacks of jeans I have been saving for some project, not know what that project would be! Your blog is great!