Thursday, July 30, 2009

bits and pieces

Needing to think about something not so deep tonight - it's late, so here are a few bits of pieces of me...

My mother's much loved and well-worn Bible is one of my favorite treasures. It was never stored on a shelf to collect dust, she read it.

Whenever I find a piece that speaks to my heart, I buy it.

My favorite lamp, a photo of my mom, dad, brothers and sisters, sits on a table next to my bed.

A crazy quilt I made, it hangs on a wall in my bedroom. (not the whole quilt)

Found this at a Thrift Shop and had to have it. He made me think of Flipper when I saw him.

A collection of small vintage boxes, they have a home on my fireplace mantle with a very old picture I bought in at a German flea market.

I love children's and quirky toys.

A tiny fraction of my jewelry. I make about 95% of all my jewelry.

I have a red glass ice bucket in my bedroom.:) The necklace is one I made, one of my favorites to wear; it goes with so much.

Bedroom. It's a little bit Bohemian. I made the quilt, which does not show up very well in this photo.

Button balls I made with vintage buttons.

A favorite vintage mirror that sits on a small vintage metal table along one side of my bed. (you can see a little more of the quilt in this photo).

Just a few bottles of perfume.

The candle holder was a gift from a very special friend, given to me several years ago.

Can you tell that I love color and ALL things vintage?



I'm so glad you share this with us lady! You are definitely a creative & sweet+warm soul...where do I begin?!
love how you made your own jewelry & quilts...all the items have lovely stories behind them, love the Flipper by the way...I can go on but to sum it all up, you are one marvelousss lady!

xo & blessings as always*
Nightie-Night I'm off to bed now...

Poppy said...

I can definitely tell vintage! :) I'm not that much into it but I love that button balls, they are so cool :))

Dustjacket Attic said...

What a sweet post, love your Mary statue and the lovely vanity case too.

Sweet dreams,

The Curious Cat said...

Beautiful things - I agree with your taste on the lamp! I also like the painting behind the vintage that part of the wall or something separate? xxx

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Hey, Sweet Lady, So happy to see you visited, it is always a pleasure hearing from you. Thank you for the kind words. I have more pics, but didn't want to put them all on one post, thought it might be a little too much at one time. Maybe next post I'll post some more. I think you went to bed later than I did.:))

Have a wonderful Thursday! xoxo

Poppy, they were fun to make. I have several more in different sizes. xoxo

Dustjacket Attic, I wish I knew more about the Mary piece. She has markings on the back of her, looks like Russian or Polish, maybe? I have a love for religious items. Not sure why, other than I find some of them very comforting. Thanks! xoxo

Curious Cat, I believe the lamp is from the 60's? It is my favorite lamp in the house, and I do have several.:) I have one made from ice cream sticks that I really love. I'll show pics of it later on. xoxo

Monica said...

You have such gorgeous things. That bible looks really beautiful. It's very creative how you make most of your own jewelry.

Peter said...

With this fabulous collection in your bedroom I would be curious to see a picture of the room in total ... must be sparkling with colours!

Slices of Beauty... said...

Beautiful soul you are!
Love your pieces to bits.

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Monica, my mom's Bible is such a wonderful treasure to have. I think of her every single time I walk by it. Thanks for coming by and saying hi. xoxo

Peter, are you in Sweden or back in Paris? I'm envious.:) If I can get a good photo of the bedroom I will post it. I'm not a photographer like you, so not always successful when it comes to taking photos. I'm a bit of a Bohemian Gypsy, so my house is full of color and strange things. I don't think they are so strange, but when I buy things at the thrift store, they sure think so, and my family think I have very strange taste. Glad you stopped by. xoxo

Slices of Beauty, you're a doll! Thanks so much! xoxox

Kotori said...

What a wonderful post... and how lucky you are to have your mother's Bible that obviously meant so much to her... what a treasure.

John said...

Ahhh everything is so beautiful, eclectic, and with a bit of European flair...I love it! You have so many talents, who knew!

I just love that first lamp, and your button balls (very original) and the quilt (I just love quilts--made with such love and pride).

Something tels me you are like me and have a wide variety of picture frames. I love your unique frames.

Thanks for sharing so much.

Dominique said...

Wow ! We'll get to know quite a lot about you ... I love your dolphin !

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Kotori, It's funny the things that you remember about your parents - and it's never about the things material things. Thanks so much for your comment, it's very much appreciated. xoxo

John, very eclectic, yes. I could never go with a style or era, eclectic fits me perfectly. I just like what I like, it doesn't matter whether it goes with anything else in the house - (actually, it always fits right it since everything is purchased this way). :) And everything I make is made from recycled items and materials - it's more fun for me this way.

Oh yes, I have frames that I do not have out. Share some of your frames. I would love to see them.

I have a few more photos that I took last night while I was in this 'strange' mood, that I will post later tonight. If not, I may change my mind about sharing so much.:)) thanks for visiting. xoxo

Dominique, I'm not sharing so much, you'd be bored if I did. :) Glad you stopped in.

Flipper is quite handsome, I think.:)

Rikkij said...

Loved the pic of perfumes. Looked nearly delicious. I like all the colours. Thanks for letting us in. ~rick

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Rick, I appreciate the visit and the comment. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love the quilt! it is so creative! thanks for sharing...& I agree with u on children's books.. they are the best...

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

stdgals, nice of you to visit. thank you for the compliment on the quilt. xoxo

Anthony said...

It's so fun to see glimpses of other people's homes! You can just really get a feel for someone's personality that way. And, besides, I have slight voyeuristic tendencies. In a good way, of course! I'm NOT a perv!

If people leave their front room curtains open in the evenings, I'm always peeking in when I walk by... It makes Tommy a bit uncomfortable, but I figure that those people MUST be aware that others can see in, especially at night, when they leave the drapes wide open. In fact, I think that they WANT others to see in. I take it as an invitation! If that's wrong, I don't wanna be right.

Anyway, your home is very warm and eclectic. I found it to be just the way I would've envisioned it. Please, keep sharing!

Draffin Bears said...

You have such lovely treasures and loved seeing all your jewellery and quilt and well everything.
The perfume bottles make a neat display.

Enjoy your weekend

Margaret Pangert said...

Hi Six! Your bedroom is lovely! I adore the lamp! The three muses? Faith, Hope, and Wisdom (Sophia)? I love this photo of you, too: eyes cast downward, head resting on your hand, pensive look, tousled hair. Lovely. Your quilt is gorgeous! Very stylish! Many of your things look so European to me: the decorated boxes in front of the large landscape, perfume on a gilded or gold tray. Very much an artist's home! I love it! LOVE xxox

Jo said...

So many pieces with so much meaning! I just love it!!

elaine said...

I'm just a stranger passing by and found great comfort here. xox Thank-you