Sunday, November 28, 2010

that which is good

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I'm enjoying a cup of my spiced hOt ChoCoLAte and a PoSiTivE thought.


Gail said...

These are wonderful messages!

Minka said...

No which is better . the chocolate or the positive thought? Or is it the combination that gives the best result?

Peter said...

That would be a nice "filter" to have! Do you have it? Wonderful!

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Gail, I'm glad you like them. :)

Minka, I think the combination is the best. :) Hope you're doing well.

Peter, if only...:) In all honesty, I can't say I do - Still a work in progress. I'm not a positive person by nature, so I have to work at it. How about you?