Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Rough Beginning

It has been a week of sadness and reflection. Not only were Saturday’s events horrific, I heard a story on the 10 o’clock news Monday night that is horrific. A four-month-old baby boy had all his fingers chewed off by the family pet ferret. His two thumbs and part of one pinkie is all that is left. This is so horrible that I cannot even begin to wrap my head around how this could happen. The thought of a little baby screaming and no one coming to his rescue him until all his fingers are gone makes me sick at my stomach, heart and mind. I wake up during the night in tears thinking of the difficult life this little boy has ahead of him and wondering, how could such horrific thing possibly happen. As a mother myself and feeling I have not slept soundly since the moment they were born, I cannot imagine sleeping through something like this. Honestly, I don’t even know how to pray for this baby. Had it been one or two fingers or even one hand…but all fingers… I wonder what life has in store for this little angel? Whatever it is, it will not come easy. I woke up several times last night with him on my heart and mind, hugging my pillow and asking God to send my love and hugs to him. I don’t know this little guys name. I don’t know anything about him or the short time he has been on this earth, but I will forever hold him in my heart, thoughts and prayers.

If only my tears had powers.

 My prayer is for all those who are hurting in any way. 


Sophia said...

I am so with you on this post. It breaks my heart when I read of different tragedies from day to day, wondering what the real purpose of them even being born. We will never know but I hope those that are touched by these tragedies....are touched and CHANGED.


Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Sophia, thank you for such lovely and caring comment. I wonder the same things, why are some allowed to be enter this world with only hurt and suffering to endure. I finally got the courage to look the story up today but didn't find out new information. I keep thinking about this baby being 20 minutes from my house, in a hospital not realizing how his life has been forever altered. I wish I didn't try to figure things out. Normally, I never turn on the local news because I can't shake off all the bad I hear. It makes me hurt so much when others hurt. Surely there will be lives changed for good and bad from all the horrific events that have taken place lately. Hugs to you! xOx

LadyCat said...

This is such a sad & tragic story. Children are so helpless and at others mercy for help. I'm sending my thoughts and prayers to this little guy, too. Bless those that have no voice : )

Gail said...

This is why I avoid the news!

I have to have some faith in humanity and the news rarely enforces that.

Amy said...

That is horrible. I have gotten where I do not have the TV on most of the time anymore. I am so sick of hearing such horrible things. I know it is happening and I am not turning an ear to it it just has the same affect on me as does you. As mom's we wonder how in the world such ignorant people are out there... Well this post was kind of mean but I am right there with you. I hope you have a blessed new year..and I love coming over and always loving how you change things up! This is my favorite ....Your blog has this feel to it....Stay warm..

Yaya' s Home said...

Oh, my land! How on Earth could that baby have lain there an' cried through alla' that an' no one heard him?!? The only thing I can think is that he was just in too much shock to cry out. My heart aches for so many who hafta' deal with such challenges.

I join you in prayer for all those who hurt an' I add my prayer that you will be comforted an' be able to sleep.


~ Yaya

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

truly tragic...
You are such a wonderful & sensitive soul darling!!


Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...
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Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...
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Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

All of you are such beautiful women with a beautiful soul. Thank you so much for the wonderful and loving thoughts.

Lady Cat, they sure are! I do not know the details of how this happened. I just do not understand how a parent sleeps through something like this. I wish I had not heard this story, I can't do anything at all to make things better for this little guy. I do not understand life. I wish I had a mental delete button I could hit. Yes...bless all those who have no voice... There are so many.:( xOx

Gail, me too. I hardly ever listen to the local news, it's too painful. I think I am going to have to turn the news off for a little while, allow myself to purge some of the heaviness that I am feeling and wearing. You're so right, news rarely gives us something to hope in. :( xOx

Amy, I'm right there with you. I wholeheartedly agree with you. I hope and pray this was purely accidental, that the parents were just exhausted and slept through this. Heck, I don't know if that makes things any better or not. I have imagined everything that could possibly have gone wrong. I am not sure why this story is breaking my heart into a zillion pieces, but it is and I can't seem to let go of it. Four months God what a difficult life this little guy has ahead of him. No matter which hospital he is in, he is very far from where I live. I wish I could just hold him. I don't think I could let him go if I ever got hold of him. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your healing and remarkable always do. Thank you! Hope you are having a wonderful New Year! Hope your son has a wonderful year in rodeo in this year. Now that is a happy story. xOx

Yaya, according to the news and the one story I looked up on the internet, the mother ran into the room because she heard him screaming. I can't believe that he just started screaming when all his fingers had been chewed off. I wonder if there was milk on his fingers that made the ferret start nibbling on him. No way could a four month old have provoked this, and he could not have the grip to have made the ferret mad??? I don't know. I know I need to let this go cause it is driving me crazy. Thank you for the comment and thank you for following me. I looked for your blog to follow back but didn't find one. Let me know if you have one so I can follow you. :) Happy thoughts to you...and thank you for your prayers. xOx

Lenore, if only my sensitive soul could fix all the hurts.:) I can't stand to see people hurting, especially little children or innocent people. I'll be by to visit your blog tonight. Hope you're having a wonderful week...and a happy Friday to you, darling! You're awesome!!!! xOx

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Good grief, it just kept posting my comment. Sorry, I really only posted it one time. lol
My words are not so important that I feel the need to post them more than once. :))