Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Soup Of The Day

Well...last night I made the soup from the recipe below. Oh. My. Goodness... IT was/is delicious!!! Since I am not a true vegetarian, I made a couple of changes - I used low sodium chicken broth (because I had some) and some cooked chicken breast. I also added a teaspoon of  Better Than Bouillon vegetable base. I found this by accident a couple of months ago and now, I use it in a lot of things. I did not use the cream. Other than these minor changes, I made the soup just like the recipe, and it is now one of my favorite soups. Next time I make it I will use vegetable broth, and I think I'll add some kale.

Great stuff!


The Sewing Loft said...

The soup looks comforting and delicious. I will look for the vegetable broth base. Thanks for sharing.


The Sewing Loft said...

Uhhh....Am I overlooking the recipe...don't see it.

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Hi Barb,

The soup is delicious!

Here is the link, it is the post previous to this one.


LadyCat said...

Oh my, your soup looks soooo good. The perfect comfort food.

adrielleroyale said...

That looks very yummy!! I love a good chicken noodle soup - even more so if it has dumplings :)

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Ladycat, it really is delicious...and very filling. I totally recommend it. :) Oh yeah, I did add a bay leaf, oregano, and a little thyme. I grow herbs and always have plenty to use in just about all things I cook.

Adrielle, I am not a fan of dumplings, I do like noodles, but I have to count carbs in my house and don't often cook dishes with noodles. With the garbanzo beans in this recipe, it makes it very filling. With a good salad, this makes a complete meal. I just haven't been hungry enough to make salad this past week. This soup would be just as good without the chicken, but I had some that I needed to use up. Do make it, you'll enjoy it very much. :)

Hi! I'm LiLi! said...

wow. that looks so appetizing.

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