Sunday, August 14, 2011

Creative Saturday

Yesterday, I was in a mood to have something new to decorate with, so, I found a few items around the house and went to work. Natural always does it for me, and I had some rocks in a pot outside, decided to decorate them with a little paint. They are prettier irl than in the photo, and they are smaller irl. Some other rocks I decoupaged to sit on my desk and remind me to be thankful, forgiving, loving, etc.

I needed "one" more server to find a place to store, which space is something I don't have. Using a cheap glass plate and a candleholder, it turned out quite nice. I used this as a test; I have an old plate from my grandma that I wanted to do this with, but want to test the glue first.

On another note, I want to share a couple of my beautiful zinnias...


Gail said...

Love them!!! Very creative.

Your flowers are wonderful, too.

LadyCat said...

Beautiful flowers and I love the rocks! They remind of 2 heart shaped worry stones that I just bought yesterday. I felt like I need the feel of the natural stress reliever. Very stressed lately.


LOVE LOVE LOVE your rocks! i have such a thing for rocks, myself - have had all my life - and yours are wonderful - remind me of ancient relics - and then those with the little messages! fabulous - and what magnificent colors/flowers - beautiful -

adrielleroyale said...

Such gorgeous flowers!! And I LOVE the rocks!! They look aboriginal or something - beautiful job! :)

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sixpence,

Love your sweet and creative rocks, especially the heart and all the lovely notes you have written.
Such a great idea.
Also how clever making the neat platter.

Have a great weekend