Tuesday, November 01, 2011

World of Unknown

Today I am exhausted, and my thoughts are running through my mind like a mouse running through a maze looking for a way out.

“We're all of us sentenced to solitary confinement inside our own skins, for life!”
~Tennessee Williams

I came home from the hospital last night, feeling so alone and scared. I had trouble sleeping and controlling my thinking, the night was dark and long. I don’t like imposing on people and do not feel comfortable calling on others, not even family. I tried thinking of something that felt safe and secure, something I had not really ever thought about or given thought to came to mind - Growing up my grandma and grandpa’s house was within hollering distance, only a creek and bridge separated us. I could look out our kitchen window and see my grandma’s kitchen window. She was an early riser; she would always be up at 5 a.m. I can remember getting up and it still dark outside, looking out the kitchen window and seeing grandma’s kitchen light on...such comforting sight. I knew for certain she was making coffee and cooking bacon. On her small kitchen table was a lazy susan, which held salt, pepper, homespun honey, grape jelly, and butter, always. I’m not sure why this memory came to mind last night, but it felt safe and comforting.

I am often amazed at how spot-on my messages from The Universe are. This was my message from the Universe today:

It's true, Debra, sometimes when you've had a difficult day, or met difficult people, been let down, disappointed, or heartbroken, it's easy to completely forget the most important thing of all... you're alive.

Without even trying.

Who loves ya?
The Universe


Sabrina T. said...

I understand u perfectly dear..these words are so beautiful and profound..I love this kind of posts in blogging 'cause is one more step to share thought with readers. During the night some times I write 'cause i love writing my cares..so thanks for sharing..

Patchwork à Porter

LadyCat said...

The night can make things seem impossible. I know what you mean about not wanting to bother others with your problems. I am the same way. I've been known to talk to my Mother, even though she has passed away...but not out loud : ) I know she still listens. And I think that your Grandmother was listening to you and sent her warm thoughts when you needed them.

Becky~ said...

I agree as well.Im not one to share my problems even though I need to sometimes.Sometimes with out a voice I feel someone is listening... quietly.Night time gives me some moments to express myself.


Becky~ said...

By the way I loved this blog,lets us all think.
Like sabrina says above.We should all express thoughts as these once in a while...would make blogging so different.

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Thank you ladies for the beautiful and heart warming comments. They mean a lot!!! I will try to reply to each of you when I can. I am headed to the hospital.