Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cheerful and Bright

Orange is a great color, I think.:)  I love this cabinet.

A quilt top I made and need to quilt. As usual, I made this from all recycled fabric, except for the neon yellow-green. It would work on a twin size bed, but I have intentions of using it as wall art, IF I don't sell it. Haven't really decided just yet - it will be a tough one to part with.
I love the colorful pillows.

When I lived in Germany, I would hit the flea markets every weekend. I bought a lot of vintage men's neck ties. As soon as possible I would rip them apart, wash them, then iron them, and store them in plastic tubs under the bed. It was tedious and time consuming, a job a hated. Nonetheless, I continued on with my quest of finding vintage ties. This is one of the quilt tops I have completed. I cherish this one! I will NEVER sell this one. It still has to be quilted, and I will hand quilt it. Being silk, I am too afraid of having it machine quilted. I have a closet full of quilt tops to quilt, so darn time consuming. I have one in the quilting frame right now that feels like I have been quilting on for most of my life. I never fail to say with every quilt I quilt, "I will never do this again". After a couple of months, I put another top in the frame.

These curtains are so pretty, bright and cheery. They should make anyone start their day in a happy mood.
Source: via Sixpence on Pinterest

I want to make a patchwork curtain from vintage fabric - they are so bright, and the light shining through the little squares is beautiful.

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