Monday, December 03, 2012

it's monday, right!?

It's a new week and I do believe I am on the road to recovery. Wow, that bug or whatever it was kicked me in the butt big time. I was feeling better over the weekend, but still very weak and not able to do much. I had the first decent night's sleep last night, waking up only twice. I'm trying to use my mind over body powers. :)

I am so far behind on everything, I need to do some catching up in the house, making some Christmas gifts, and hopefully selling a few things on Etsy for holiday moolah.

My coffee was so good this morning and I do believe this is a good sign. LOL

What have you all been up to??? Christmas decorating and shopping I bet? I do hope everyone is feeling great and will have a blessed start to a new and fresh week. Let's expect some good things!

My daughter send me a photo on Saturday of an Apple Tart and Eggplant dish she had made, they looked delicious. I was really wishing she was not a 24 hour drive away, I would have been there for dinner. She is a fabulous cook, a brave soul in the kitchen. I am very proud of her desire to want to make delicious and healthy meals for her family. So wanted to share some delicious sights with you. Enjoy.

photo by jlm
Apple Tart

photo by jlm
Eggplant Dish
I still have to find the link from Jaime for this dish. She made homemade ricotta cheese for this dish. Honestly, I could eat the whole thing. It looks fabulously delicious.

If you are on Pinterest, do start following my daughter@
She would be thrilled.
I'm trying to talk her into doing a blog. :)

Hope everyone has a beautiful Monday!!!



Luna MoonLightandShadow said...

Happy Monday Six. :) Thanks for the Quote. It is very fitting for me today.

Jo said...

beautiful inspiring! your daughter should definitely have a blog!! i'd follow for sure! :)