Thursday, November 29, 2012

fragile things

Hello Blogging Friends!

I have been a bit on the down side since my last post, in bed sick. Not a good thing for me to be sick, I have to be able to take care of D. and I can tell you that the past few days it has not been an easy job for me. Getting out of bed to get water has been more than I could manage. I was literally crawling down the stairs last night to check on him. There was not one spot on my body that did not hurt or scream in pain. I did not have any Aleve or Tylenol, not able to go get them myself and did not want D. on his feet. At 5:30 a.m. this morning, I gave in and tried a half of one of D's Percocets. I have a thing about medicine, I don't like it and it kinda freaks me out to take anything new, I had a bad reaction to something a dentist gave me one time and ended up in E.R. But by the time I swallowed this little pill, I no longer cared. I feel a bit better tonight. I've managed to stay up an hour. This morning, it took me forever to fix D's breakfast. I started the water for his oatmeal, went to the sofa for a bit, put oatmeal in the pan, went to the sofa, went and got the yogurt out of the fridge, went back to the sofa, put walnuts on the plate, went back to the sofa, you get the point. Then at 12:30, I had to check and wrap his feet for a doctor's app., I needed to go and was very worried about him going alone, but I had no choice. I finally managed to get his feet done, after repeating the same routine with his feet that I had performed during breakfast. About 6:00 I got back up and made him a sandwich, not the best meal for him, it was a pretty simple sandwich. :)

His doctor called in three other doctors to look at his feet, they decided not to keep him, but said if there was any change in any way to move immediately.

So, I am hoping tomorrow I will feel more normal. I am waiting for a hot bath and hopefully, some sleep tonight.

Hopefully, all my blogging friends are feeling healthy and joyful!!!

Btw, I was too sick to check the powerball tickets I purchased this morning. Found out when I came online that one of the winners was in Kansas City. I was just sure it was going to be me and I would be able to fix some of the world's problems, including my own. :) It wasn't. I didn't even win back the $4 I spent. Next time!!! :)

photo by spbm


Nyssa said...

I hope you feel better soon. My heart broke for you. Such a difficult situation in the best of times and now you feel so ill. Praying for you to feel better soon ( and D.) I hope you can get some rest. love to you xo

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Glynis, thank you, darling lady! I have been up going on two hours now and I do believe I am making progress.:)

I worry so much about getting sick and not being able to take care of D. I'd like to get to the place I could relax and not worry about things that haven't happened. Honestly, I think I get worse instead of better.

You're adorable, Glynis. I appreciate your prayers and good wishes very much!

Thank you, sweetie!

I hope you're doing well!!! I will hopefully feel like getting around to my visit my friends tomorrow. I believe! I believe! :)

Have a wonderful night!!!!

Cat said...

sorry you have been sick
not so fun, that
take care of you and rest rest rest!!!

love and light

Lola G. said...

It seems that your day was absolutely brutal. It's difficult enough to be extremely ill when it's only you who needs looking after, but when you factor in having to tend to another's needs as well...oh my.

I hope that you were able to get better rest last night and that the new day brought at least a bit of light and improvement for both of you.