Tuesday, March 19, 2013

tuesday eats

I love a simple meal that taste delicious. Years ago I made a spinach and artichoke quesadilla that I had duplicated from a favorite restaurant. It's been a long time since I have made them and cannot remember exactly what was in them. Today I was craving one, tried putting together the ingredients the best I could recall. I can't remember exactly what they tasted like, but these did not disappoint. Since I did not want the extra tortilla, mainly because of the carb count for David, I made them open-face, which works great for me too.
I cooked a box of frozen spinach until dry. While it was cooking, I sauteed chopped onion, chopped mushrooms, and garlic in some olive oil, and added a few chopped green onion at almost the end of the cooking time, I did not want them to cook too much. Once the spinach was cooked until almost completely dry, I added the saute mixture, and chopped marinated artichoke hearts and cooked long enough to heat thoroughly. I heated the tortilla in the skillet on both sides, moved them to a baking sheet, topped them with mozzarella cheese, the spinach mixture, topped with a little more mozzarella and baked until the cheese was bubbly and melted. Topped them off with chopped green onion, a little salsa, chopped tomatoes, and freshly grated Parmesan cheese. I was wishing I had bought some sour cream, but really didn't need it, it was that good. I'll add sliced or chopped avocados next time.

 photo by spbm

photo by spbm
Found a peanut butter granola recipe on Pinterest, sounded good, had to make. It is my new favorite snack. And way too easy to be so darn good. David will love a tablespoon on his yogurt in the mornings. I did add some chopped nuts and unsweetened coconut. Going to try this with other things in the future, but this one will be a favorite. I'm thinking of making some of this and sending to my kids, would make a great healthy snack.
Find the recipe here: Shape

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