Sunday, April 21, 2013

avocado fries, egg custard, and a raccoon

  photos by spbm

I finally gave in to my craving for avocado fries and made some yesterday, they were so darn good I made them again today. They were so easy to make I couldn't believe it. The trick is to have everything in place before you start, cause they cook very quickly. It is seldom that I fry anything, but wanted to try it this way first, next time I am going to try baking them. I read several recipes online and they were all pretty much the same. I did not measure anything, beat one egg, and I used Italian panko bread crumbs, and flour with a little pepper and a tiny bit of sea salt. I cut the avocado in half and then into wedges, dipped the wedges in flour, then in the beaten egg, and then into the panko bread crumbs. Frying two at a time so that they did not over-cook. The dipping sauce I made using mayo, sour cream, lemon juice, curry powder, dill weed, paprika, chopped cilantro or parsley, and I have tons of chives growing so I chopped up some chives. You can make this with any spices you and your family like. Also, I will make a yogurt dip next time, I just had some sour cream on hand and wanted to use it up. Lime could also be used in place of lemon. Curry is my new favorite spice to cook with, so I try and incorporate it into a lot of dishes. And one egg worked perfect for one avocado. Be sure to use ripe but firm avocados, it will be almost impossible to work with an avocado that is too soft.

photo by spbm

I just love it when I try something at home and it turns out better than anything I have had at a restaurant. Don't you?

On a different note, we've had a vistor this past week, a raccoon. He or she is coming by every day, not to my liking. Only because I am afraid to let Portia and Marelli out in the back yard now, he or she is bigger than they are. Even though they have had their shots I would not want them to be attacked. I feel really sorry for him or her, it looks like it is not getting enough to eat. Portia is totally convinced she could take care of the problem if she could just get to it. I was hoping it would just stop coming, but I guess this is the new route to...somewhere. :) 

photo by spbm

It is three times as big as Portia and Marelli. I need to give "it" a name. :)

photo by spbm

Trees are starting to leaf. I can't believe how much different April has been this year from last year. Last year this time, I had all my yard work done. It's been cold and rain or snow almost every single day in April. More rain predicted tomorrow and throughout the week.

photo by spbm

I made this awesome egg custard, again. :) Oh my, I can't get enough of this stuff.

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and wishing each of you the best week ahead.


Cat said...

Your avocado froes and custard look so delicious! Yum!
Poor little cute : )

Cat said...

I meant "fries" ; )

Laurie said...

Wow! Look at all that deliciousness! Egg custard sounds really good right about now!

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Hi Ladycat, I think I am addicted to both, the avocado fries and the custard. My next fries, I am going to try baking them. Hopefully, they'll be just as delicious. Since I don't fry food, I figure once every now and then it will not hurt to have a couple slices of avocado fries. :)
I have named the little raccoon "Cosmos". :) And Cosmos has come every single day. Cosmos thinks he lives here. :) Portia and Marelli do not agree. :)

Hi Laurie...Awe, thanks so much! I enjoyed the last egg custard at dinner tonight. I must stop with the cooking so much. If it ever decides to warm up, I'll be spending more time outside and not in the kitchen. :)