Tuesday, April 09, 2013

at the plaza and anthropologie

I had really good intentions of posting this on Sunday. (Do good intentions count as the same as posting?) LOL

Anyway, we went to the Plaza - our real first day out for a very long time. David can't be on his feet much at all, so it's almost more trouble than it is worth to go out - need to let him out at the door and then driving around to find a parking place, then going to get the car and meeting him back at the door is a bit of inconvenience, actually a big inconvenience. But, I was needing desperately to see something besides the inside of doctor's office or hospital, so off we went. Going out to eat is about the only thing we can do since he can't walk from store to store, nor can he walk for very long. We went to Cheesecake Factory and it was good, but not exceptional.

And don't get me wrong, I enjoyed dinner, and David really enjoyed getting out and seeing something different. I even had a 'first' experience, ordered a piece of cheesecake. Had a couple of bites and brought the rest home, had the last bite yesterday.

When food doesn't do it for me, Anthropologie does. I LOVE that store, though I never buy anything in there. It's a great place for inspiration. For one thing, I can't afford those prices, and, I would feel guilty spending that kind of money on things. I'm a thrift shop/Salvation Army/Goodwill shopper. It's more about the thrill of finding something than anything else. Anyways, I did puchase a mug on this trip.

Every time I come home from Anthropologie, I want to rearrange my furniture. It's really a good way of getting some deep cleaning done.

Here are some pics from the trip to the Plaza, and Anthropologie.

I don't like this! My stomach does flip-flops when I see these horses.
Amazing sky.

Pretty in yellow.
I had a table similar to this in Germany. Had to leave it due to weight limit on returning. How I have wished many times I had shipped it and a few other things anyways and payed the extra for shipping. The price was $980.00 for the table. Not suitable for a thrift store girl. lol
Love these cups - the colors are just stunning.
I kept hearing "take me home" whispers from this chair. Way out of my price range, but that doesn't stop me from loving it. :)
Another thing I left behind in Germany, a cabinet similar to this. :( Lesson: Never make decision in the middle of moving. lol
Pretty quilts.
Love the wood floor.
I have to make a light fixture like this. Love the simplicity.
This lamp is so cool.
Robe love.

The bench is just gorgeous! Rustic love.
Love the whole setting.
Love this scarf.
What a pretty clutch.
Love this one, too.
Will be making myself one of these.
How cute with a pair of jean shorts, or jeans.
I adore these boxes.
The mirrors are breath-taking.
I must make letters for my daughters, and myself. :) Love these.
 Cabinet love.
 I would love to have this table and these chrome chairs in my kitchens. Too cute.
I need one of these cookie jars. :) I did break down and buy myself an owl mug. It's adorable and my favorite coffee mug now. I may have to buy myself another.
Then, there was this pamphlet given to David by a Plaza security guy. David gave a homeless man some money and the security police walked up to David and gave this to him. I guess the homeless are hurting the image of the Plaza. I have a real problem when others start discouraging us from giving.


Collar City Brownstone said...

I don't like to see horses pulling carriages either. I would really love that store anthropologie, but we don't have one where I live.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sixpence,

I enjoyed your photos of the shopping trip - Anthropologie looks like an amazing shop - we do not have it here in NZ. Love the sweet owl mug you went home with.
Yes, shame about being discouraged for giving
Have a good week

Nyssa said...

I would totally lose myself in that store! beautiful stuff. xo

donmoda said...

i love that store anthropologie! And my wife Vi and daughter Sam would go crazy browsing in there :) but the prices are crazier.
Sam would love that typewriter, although personally i would prefer a much older model :)
too bad David can't go around much, but i admire his will power - i'm sure he gets his strength from you. more power and happy years ahead to you both. take care my friend.