Wednesday, April 03, 2013

signs of spring

Finally, it appears spring is now a resident and not a visitor. Can't tell you how ready I am for this, the warmth on the skin and sunny days are a welcome sight. I walked to the store yesterday and the air was still a bit chilly to my liking, but not complaining, really I'm not. I am ready to plant a few flowers and get my fishpond cleaned and running. Plant a few tomatoes, clean my herb garden, and maybe find some new farmer's markets this summer and buy some fresh fruits and veggies and put in the freezer this year

I stopped by Hobby Lobby yesterday to pick up some glue for my journal and saw this sweet sofa. I just love the upholstery.

And then...there was this book full of inspiration.

I am going to use this curtain as inspiration to make a shower curtian.


Photo by spbm


Nyssa said...

beautiful post!! that quote is gorgeous too. xo

Cat said...

Beautiful picture of your tree. The sky is such a lovely blue.
And I want that quilts!

Jo said...

oh how i long for a little space where i could plant a some herbs, tomatoes, and such! i'll have to live that little dream vicariously through you, so please post photos! :)

happy spring!

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Hi Nyssa! Thanks, sweetie for your lovely visit. Hope you week is full of beautiful magic. xoxo

Cat, that sofa is just too sweet. I have a love for quilts too, have a closet full of quilt tops to still be quilted. I would love to find someone who is good at quilting on the machine, it takes me forever to quilt them. Working on one for my grand-daughter and it is taking forever. I can make the tops fairly quickly, at least compared to the time it takes to quilt one. :)

Have a beautiful, lovely week.

Jo, I will post some photos when I get some green going out here. I worked a little inside the fence this weekend, still have to clean the flower and herb beds around the house and the front of the house. Still have to get the pond going, and I can't say I am excited about doing that work, it makes my back hurt for months when I do that. :) But it is so beautiful when it is running and has the fish playing around.
Do you have a place where you could have some potted plants and herbs? That would be pretty and fun.
Happy new week to you, sweetie.