Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cream Puffs (((sort of)))

So, my mouth was watering for a little dessert with a cup of coffee last Friday night and having some puff pastry in the freezer, I thought I would make these little bites. Problem, my cream was not whipping cream.:( I knew this might be a problem, but thought I might be able to wish it in to working for me, sort of did. Still, they tasted delicious and will definitely make them again when I have the right cream. I added a little amaretto, sugar, cinnamon, and shaved dark chocolate, really tasty stuff. Putting the cream (that did not whip) in the freezer didn't really work, either, but still a nice and simple treat with a cup of coffee on a Friday night.

Temperature is supposed to drop 50 degrees here in a very short time, and the winds have picked up in the last 30 minutes. It felt more like spring today than winter, really wonderful. Spring is just around the bend, finger crossed and hoping big. The need for some Vitamin D feels like a need right now, and oh yeah, longer days will be nice, too.

David found three old A&F catalogs in a "free" box at the library. I'm excited; they'll be great for my journals.
Photos by spbm

Wishing everyone a beautiful week ahead. David has surgery on Friday and I'm trying to get my mind and spirit in the right place for another experience/adventure. Might as well see it as an adventure, right.

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