Saturday, June 14, 2014

Week in June

Another crazy summer ! I had high hopes of having a summer with no hospitals involved, not to be. David had eye surgery this week. The surgery itself went ok, but when we went back yesterday, the contact they had put in after surgery to protect the eye had come off, meaning new damage to the eye. The doctor increased his antibiotic eye drops to the strongest dosage. Hopefully it will heal and there will be no additional damage. It is the only eye he can see out of, without the vision in that eye, he will not be able to see at all.

I'll be doing some long meditating this weekend, trying to get myself back to feeling like I am not going to fall to pieces. The need to feel focused is most needed right now. My mind and body feels like a jigsaw puzzle that have far too many missing pieces, and the pieces that are, are all the wrong pieces. 

On a different note, I made this great salad last night. I found the recipe on Half Baked Harvest. This is easy and healthy. I used three ears of corn, one red pepper, and one jalapeno pepper, only because I'm cooking for two. Still made a lot, but we made a meal with this since it had quinoa, it was packed with protein. Still plenty to have this evening with dinner. 

Photos by spbm

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