Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Update...Miscellaneous Things

Wow ! It has been a while since I posted. I've been busy trying to get some things made to get my Etsy handmade shop going. And making things for my kiddos, which I enjoy doing so very much.
I'm very thankful for being able to make things.

Dutch Baby Pancakes this morning.

My healing is coming along. I am so grateful that I have no paralysis from my surgery, and the numbness is gone. They expected it to take up to two years for the numbness to go away, and didn't know if it would every go away. It is so wonderful to feel my face again.

I have started some of my medicine to hopefully help with the symptoms; as of yet, I can't tell they make a difference. I was so hoping the one to help produce saliva would do something. And since the two medicines I am on are costing almost $500 a month, I wanted it to work miracles. Because I lived with this disease for so many years without treatment, they do not know if I ever be able to produce saliva again. I can't tell you how miserable it is to need a drink every few seconds, not to mention how hard it is to sleep. I have been sleeping a little better, but for about five years I have been waking up every 10-20 min. needing a drink. I can't swallow anything without having a drink with it. Makes life uncomfortable and very inconvenient. :(

I'm still believing for a miracle !!!

All in all, I am so very thankful to have had the best doctors, and two of the most amazing surgeons the universe could offer. And I cannot express my gratitude enough for Truman Hospital. I know I do this in almost every post, but I feel the need to express my gratitude in every thing I say and do.

One daughter and family was home for Thanksgiving, It was so wonderful !!! I was a bit fearful of not feeling up to cooking Thanksgiving and needing to be in bed, but I was up the entire time and cooked a great dinner. Not a lot of stuff, but the things we like the most. That worked out well anyway, I don't have a very large refrigerator and no place to keep a lot of leftovers. Having my two beautiful grand -kids here was awesome. So much to be thankful for.

Here are some pics of the little people in the family, modeling some things I have made for them.

All photos by spbm

Table Cover/Throw made with vintage fabrics. For sale in my Etsy Shop

Crazy Quilt Style Banner: For Sale in my Etsy Shop. I made stamps from fabric pieces and sewed on each pennant. 
 I have several of these head wraps listed for sale in my handmade Etsy shop.

Dutch Baby Pancakes with Cherries
photos by spbm

Quinoa Chili with Lime and Cilantro
photos by spbm

And remember this:

You are unrepeatable.
There is magic about you that is
all your own.

~d.m. dellinger

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