Monday, March 09, 2015

Eating and Quilting

I do believe Spring is just around the bend. The last couple of days has been 60, much warmer than what we have been experiencing.

I'm hoping to feel well enough to start doing some yard work soon, I'm thinking an hour a day would be a good start.

I was supposed to go in for an upper and lower GI this morning, cancelled for the second time. My mind just cannot wrap my head around more testing. I did the two day fast, drank the horrible stuff (not all, but drank until I started throwing it up). Thinking I was going to make it this time I went to bed and my head started swirling with crazy stuff. Around 1:00 a.m., I felt very sick and ended up hugging my toilet the rest of the night and early morning,trying to throw up on an empty stomach, Somewhere around 4 a.m., I could feel a migraine coming on, which made the throwing up even worse. I could hardly stand up, and was certain I could not make the trip to the hospital for the test, unless they were going to keep me and treat, which I was sure they would not. So, had to cancel. I was so hoping to have this behind me by this afternoon. I want to stop thinking about it. I'm not sure how I am going to get past this, but I need to get it figured out. They are going to get tired of dealing with me on this.

Anyways, after not eating anything for two days, was ready for something to eat today. I found a recipe of Pinterest, it turned out to be delicious. Stuffed shells with sausage and spinach and other good stuff. You can find the recipe here. My sausage was not very spicy, so I added some extra herbs and spices, had about a half cup of corn in the freezer so threw that in, and I can hardly cook a dish without onion and peppers, so chopped some up and added those. These were so easy to make and really delicious.

 I made extra to take to a guy who works at the station across the street from me, he is going through Chemo right now and I'm sure he is not eating properly. He is so grateful, and I really enjoy doing it.

Little A really liked her brother's Fancy Fox Quilt, so I am in the process of making her one in yellows and golds; it's going to be adorable.

 I have several quilts in the making. :)

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