Friday, March 13, 2015

Trees and Strawberry Jam

I did quite a bit of walking today, more than I have done since my surgery last August. I better get used to it, my car quit this week and it's quite a chunk to get it fixed. Since it is going to cost more to fix it than it is worth, not to eager to have it fixed. Not sure what I am going to do, had to cancel all of my appointments for the month and David's. Not sure how I will get to the pharmacy to get our meds, but I must believe the universe is working out the details. Fortunately, the grocery store is within walking distance, just a bit of a hassle if I need several items or heavy items, but can manage. 

The trees were so pretty today, even if they are still bare. Something about trees that comfort me. I couldn't help myself, had to snap a picture. And then there were these two friendly geese that paid no attention to me at all. 

 Strawberries are arriving and they are really juicy and sweet this year. I made one batch of freezer jam. I love that stuff. It is good on just about anything and taste just like fresh strawberries. I have made only freezer jam for several years now, got hooked after making it the first time. And, it is easier and quicker to make.

Made one of my favorite summer desserts, meringue topped with whipped cream and berries, drizzled with some homemade dark chocolate syrup. I could eat this every day. I sometimes use other berries and kiwi, didn't have either, so just strawberries today. 

Well, it's time to treat David's feet and take my meds. Hoping for a good nights sleep tonight. 

Shine like
the whole
is yours.

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