Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tote Made With Upholstery Scraps

Photos by spbm

Another tote bag I made yesterday, it is made with scraps of upholstery. I've always cut labels from old clothing and saved them, love them, so used an old American Eagle tag and a stamp patch I purchased in Italy years ago, and I added a couple of pieces of vintage lace I purchased while living in Germany.These make wonderful book bags, I use them as a purse and, when I have only a few items from the store, this bag works perfect. I will probably be listing this in my shop. I am going to try and add a Paypal button to my blog so when someone wants, they can purchase directly from my blog.

I sold the tote above. But if anyone is interested, I can make another, it will not have the same fabrics, but will look similar. Send me a message if you are interested in one.

This is one of our favorite dishes right now, made it three times in the past couple weeks. They are just so easy and so delicious. They would be great made with a little Italian sausage, but I'm trying to skip meat, at least the majority of time.

Recipe here.

The only thing I changed at all was I added fennel seed, adds so much flavor, if you like fennel.

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