Thursday, May 21, 2015

My New Ride

My new ride... finally found a bike on Craigslist, went and picked it up last Friday evening. I spent a lot of time on it over the weekend, so much fun, and it felt wonderful to ride again. I spent a lot of time riding in Germany, but have not really rode a bike since returning to the states. KC is not the best riding city, lots of hills and not really any bike lanes. I gave my bike to my daughter, thinking I would not be riding again. But after being diagnosed with this disease, I decided I want to stay as active as I can, even if I don't have the greatest city to ride around in.

I was so blessed, I found a bike that had less than 30 miles on it, like BRAND NEW. Perfect size, color, everything about it is exactly what I wanted, even the price was unbelievable. I do want to get a rack and a basket, maybe next month. 

Loving it and hoping it will help me feel better.

Pickled cucumbers, red onions, and sweet red pepper salad. Delicious with burgers, BBQ chicken, just about anything. We ate these everyday in the summer, always lots of cucumbers and peppers from the garden. My mom always made the dressing with vinegar, a little oil, sugar, salt and pepper. I saw a recipe the other day and it had sweet chili sauce, so I tried it with this batch. I did not have sweet chili sauce so made my own with regular chili sauce and honey. I added some fresh parsley, celery seed, minced garlic, celery seed, salt and pepper - delicious. 

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