Friday, July 24, 2015

Deepak Chopra Quote and Taco Casserole

 I made a taco casserole this week. It turned out really good. Just did my own thing, no recipe. I cooked hamburger, added taco seasoning to it. Stirred in some onion, green peppers and re-fried beans. Added it on top of some tortilla chips, topped it with cheese, backed it until hot and bubbly. After taking it out of the over, I topped it with lettuce, tomatoes, black olives and more cheese. For topping we added sour cream, salsa and chopped avocado.

I wanted to make guacamole but the avocado was not ripe enough. 
Turned out delicious, and was so easy.

 photos by spbm

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Gail said...

A very wise quote and a delectable dish.