Wednesday, August 05, 2015

August Dislikes and Current Loves

A week and half ago I was out by the pond and reached down to pull a weed and saw something move... yes it was a snake. I have an unusual fear of snakes. Like the kind of fear that I turn into a crazy person at just the thought of a snake - I'll throw a magazine away if it has a picture of a snake. I'll stop watching a show or movie it has a snake in it - I cam inside and got David. He went out to check it out. When he found it, it had one of my beloved Koi in its mouth. David caught the damn thing and took it a ways from the house and turned him loose. I was furious. I wanted the thing dead. As far as I am concerned there are no "good" snakes. So after that little exhausting experience I went about trying to work on the yard but finally gave it up, I was too freaked out about a snake being in the yard.

The best picture I could get, but that's ok, don't need a good one.

So, that night I am sitting at the computer and David is watching TV and he says, "get me a plastic bag". I'm like, why? He said don't move fast, just get me a bag. There was a freakin' bat in the living room. He had no trouble catching it, but, all I could vision was him getting bitten, or, the puppies going nuts and getting bitten. I was a mess the rest of the night. I was looking all over the house. I got my sage stick out and did some house smudging. Slept with the lights on the rest of the week. All we can figure out is that it came down the flue??? So. we've worked on redoing the pond. I went and bought a couple new Koi to replace the ones that were gone. Saturday morning I went out to feed the fish, threw in a hand full of food and the snake comes up. Yes, he had found his way back. David tried to catch him, no luck. Every time we came in the house for more than five minutes, he would appear. So, I sat outside for three nights watching and making sure he didn't come during the night. He did manage do get in and get a few fish without us seeing him. Don't know how the heck he did it. We took turns sitting watch. Yesterday, I had come inside and after a couple minutes, I looked out the kitchen window and there he was, slithering across the rocks on his way to a snack. I yelled at David, and he brought the shovel and finally, finally got him. I would not let him catch him this time. I was so done with being a nice person. He has moved on, permanently. 

I'm still checking my little fish every few minutes. Having to redo the pond again because we took up all the rocks around the pond trying to find that crazy snake. Ready to get it put back together, and once I know they're safe I'll get a couple more Koi to replace the others. I don't know how many he got, but there are several missing. Makes my heart hurt thinking about them swimming for their lives and getting caught. 

On to a more pleasant thought, I gave up eating and buying my meds this month to get a washer. I was not able to get what I wanted, but got a washer. Going to the laundry mat is quite expensive. Didn't know when I would ever have the money, so figured I would just do without meds for a couple months. I don't want to but I couldn't come up with any other solution. It will be delivered next Monday. So skipping the laundry mat this week. It's driving me nuts, I can't stand dirty clothes hanging out in the laundry room.. 

Here's some pretty things that I am in love with today>>>>>>>

Totally loving this color and the dresser. Makes me want to go buy a bucket of paint and paint something.

photo: The Jungalow

And there's this dress I want.
photo: OASAP

And how pretty are these canisters!?
Photo: Amazon

There's this fabulous book that will change your life... I listened to it last week, have listened to it every night since. I have ordered the book. It's fantastic. 
photo: Amazon

And of course, no day is complete without a great quote.


Gail said...

At least it was not a poison snake. I suppose this goes back to, Build it, they will come.
On the brighter side you must have a lovely environmentally balanced pond for the snake to come. You should be proud of that.

I have two water gardens but there are many springs, creeks and ponds to keep the snakes happy...most of the time. A couple of weeks ago I uncovered a huge black snake. I had wondered why my frogs were nervous that day, in places they normally weren't. I knew after I found the snake, the frogs knew it was there.

We have a good farm team of dogs who dispatch the poison snakes.

I do understand your fear. You could chase me across three states with a scorpion. The only irrational fear is one we don't have. To me it is rational to climb on furniture and scream if I see a scorpion.

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Gail, I am so thankful it was not a poison snake. However, a snake is a snake. :) The pond was looking good, the fish were looking so beautiful, they had grown so much. It just made me sick when I saw one of them in the snakes mouth. I could not believe how brave that crazy snake was. David and the neighbor were out there by the pond talking, and the snake strolled right up to the pond and was ready to go in after a snack. He got away that time. We came in the house and it was about 10 minutes and he was back out there. That was when David got him with the shovel. I would like to get a few more Koi, but I always get the little ones and I want to make sure it is safe before I do. I have enough as it is, but he got the ones that gave the pond a little more of a variety. Most of the fish in there now are just cheap goldfish, but now that they have grown, they are really pretty.

I'm with you on the climbing on furniture and screaming. I'm not a very brave soul when it comes to a few creatures, especially snakes. When David killed it and held it up, I was on the other end of the pond and you probably heard me scream.

What really makes me mad is that we live right in the city. I have seen more wildlife living here than I ever saw growing up in a rural area. Go figure.

All we can do is stay away from them. lol Which I am sure we both plan to do.