Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fancy Fox Quilt For Ada

It's been a busy week so far. As of 3:00 pm today I finished Ada's Fancy Fox Quilt. It is absolutely beautiful!!! I couldn't be happier with it. I have washed and dried it, and it is all soft, clean, and sweet smelling to be mailed to her tomorrow. Her brother has a blue one and even though I had made her another quilt, she wanted a fox quilt. She now has one. 

Photos: SPBM 
This is the back of the quilt.
I love the back of it, pretty enough to be used as the quilt.
Photo: SPBM
So happy to have it done.

And, I made her some napkins for her lunch box. She wanted some Hello Kitty, and I made her a couple of Halloween and Christmas napkins for the holidays. I need to get some Thanksgiving fabric, so she can have some for Thanksgiving.
Should make lunch time more fun.

And for some eating...it's tomato soup.

Last week I made some awesome tomato and basil soup. 
My own recipe, so all I can do is give you a list of ingredients. 
It was the best tomato soup ever. 
I used 1 box of tomatoes
1 red pepper
2 regular cans of stewed tomatoes
1 box chicken stock or broth
2 yellow onions
A couple tablespoons olive oil
6 garlic cloves
1 tbls. parsley
kosher salt to taste
ground pepper to taste
2 teaspoons ground cumin
1 teas. dried thyme (maybe a little more)
1/2 teas. crushed red pepper flakes
About 3-4 cups fresh basil.

I drained the canned tomatoes, saving the juice in a bowl. I cut the fresh tomatoes in half - they were not very large -added them to a olive oil coated cookie sheet and added the drained stewed tomatoes, and sliced red pepper. Drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with kosher salt and ground pepper.Baked in a 400 degree oven until they look a bit caramelized. 
I added approximately 2 tbls. olive oil to a pan and cooked the chopped onion until tender, added crushed garlic cloves and stirred around a minute or two. 
Added juice from canned tomatoes and chicken broth to pot with onions and garlic, added spices, crushed red pepper, thyme, and cumin, and chopped fresh basil.
Added the roasted tomatoes and pepper, cooked uncovered until it thicken and reduced just a little. I used my hand blender and pureed just a little, leaving chunks and texture to the soup. 
Topped with colby jack cheese and chopped basil. 
Made some cheese quesadillas to go with the soup.
Let me tell you, it was perfect!!!
A great fall dinner.

You can easily add or subtract to suit your taste. I use a lot of herbs and spices, and you may not like so much. We loved it. 

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