Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Night Soup

It's been a busy week trying to track down medications for David. For some strange reason, medicare has decided they want to discuss with his doctor why he is being prescribed Digoxin, a heart medication. He has been without it all week. Trying to get hold of one of his doctors has been a nightmare. You cannot just call Truman and get a message to his doctor, impossible. So we called his heart doctor, they called in the wrong prescription to the pharmacy. So, here we are on Friday night, weekend ahead, no way to talk to the doctor's offices or anyone related about this. We have several hours and I do mean several, like about 6 hours just today, trying to straighten this mess out. We've called Claire McCaskill's office, talked to someone one time, now the calls just go straight to voice mail??? If he starts having any chest pains at all we'll have to go to ER. So ridiculous!!! I don't think people who have never dealt with these sorts of problems have any idea how much time it takes and how much mental and physical energy it takes to deal with it. One phone call can literally take 2 hours by the time you sit on hold and get passed around from one person to another. 

On another note, Ada got her fox quilt today and loved it. 

Photo: EDF

For dinner tonight I made a white bean, kale and vegetable soup. Turned out delicious,
packed with flavor.

 Photos: SPBM

Happy Weekend to all!

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