Monday, May 09, 2016

Anthropologie Display Photos and Florence Scovel Shinn Quote

I have had so much going just trying to ready the house and the yard for summer. Since I store all my Etsy items in my house, I get overwhelmed at times. I then put things away so I can feel like I am still living in a house and not a warehouse, and spend hours searching for a picture or item I have stored away. I wish I had a room where I could store all Etsy items and keep them organized for a less stressful event when I sell something. lol

My kids are coming home in June, can hardly wait to see them. Haven't seen any of them for a year, that's far too long. Would love for the Universe to work out the details that I could live in the same town as at least one of them. They are both in different states, and once the grandkids grow up and leave, I'm sure they will be in other states. Sometimes I long for the old days when my kids were little and living at home.

On another note, was down at the Plaza last week. I had fallen while running and smashed the screen on my phone, cost me $140 to get the screen replaced. I was quite upset, I have insurance through AT&T, but evidently you have to own your phone for a year before the insurance works. Needless to say, I have cancelled my insurance for my phone.

But while downtown I had to go into one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie. The displays are always a work of art. Here are some photos of the recent displays at the KC Anthropologie.


All photos by SPBM

I'm in love with the decoupage bench.

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