Monday, August 17, 2009

Portia + Marelli = BABIES

Hello, Everyone!

Yes, I am back home, but ended up going back to Kentucky, no storm this time through. When I went a little over two weeks ago, I was caught in that big storm that went through Louisville. (No fun) Confession: I was scared! The wind was whipping my car all over the place and there was no way to get off the interstate. So, the last trip was a bit more uneventful, thankfully.

I had left Portia, my baby with the groomer, she was due to have her puppies while I was away. Sure enough, she did! She had a rough time; the groomer (who is FABULOUS!!!) took her to the emergency room. The doctor wanted to do a c-section, (Portia had other plans) while he was out of the room with his staff setting up the surgery room, she delivered one. He still wanted to do a c-section, left the room and she had another. In the end, she delivered all three (that's the way we women are, we do things our way) - one boy, two girls.

She is doing well, but she looks and acts so tired! Poor little thing!!!

Portia is the best little mommy any puppy could have. Marelli is a great little daddy, but he stays away at Portia's request. He's a SMART little man, he does not push her at all.:)

Me on the other hand, I am a nervous wreck. I am having a hard time sleeping, or doing anything that takes me out of the room. The little boy whined today and with every whine, I felt my stomach turn, worrying that something may be wrong.

Thank goodness I have had my children, don't know if I could handle it anymore. :)

I will try to catch up with everyone tomorrow.

Thanks to all of you who left messages and sent me email, your words were so very comforting. I appreciate each one of you!!!

Portia and her babies


Best friends.

Brother and Sisters

Aren't they so darn cute!?

Marelli, proud daddy.


Jo said...

Portia is one tough momma, and her babies are soooo cute!!

Minka said...

I don't think you could take a single picture of those babies and not come up with a cute one! They are just adorable!

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh my gosh, I feel all teary. What a great little mommy. The babies are just gorgeous.

Take care,

ps that last picture is too adorable.

Anthony said...

Wow, somehow I missed hearing about Portia's impending "special deliveries"! They are just absolutely precious, like little gemstones. Of course, way more valuable because they are actually ALIVE and breathing...

Glad to hear that YOU made it back from your roadtrip ALIVE and breathing, too!

That's a pretty dumb phrase, huh? Alive and breathing... as if you could be alive WITHOUT breathing! Un-necessarily redundant, I tell you!

Anyway, another thing that I had no prior knowledge of, was the existence of your own children. Have you ever mentioned them before? Are you still raising them, or have they already spread their wings and left the nest? Color me curious!

Rikkij said...

looks like a happy brood. ~rick

The Curious Cat said...

oh how sweet! Congratulations to everyone involved -especially Portia! Those little babies are going to get a lot of love! xxx

The Cottage Cheese said...

Welcome back sweetie! Oh, the pups are adorable! I just want to snuggle with them! Congrats - I'm so happy they are all ok. Hopefully the little boy is just being whiny. You know, boys tend to be that way ;)

Nora Johnson said...

Portia & Marelli are such wonderful parents - and the babies so cute! What beautiful pics you have taken to record the event - congrats all round!

What a lovely blog - I'll be back again soon to check out further great posts like this one!

Hope you’re having a great week too & that you’ll join me this Thursday when I’m inviting blogpals on a *viral* trip into Marbella for lunch! Look forward to seeing you again soon!


PS we share many great followers -Dustjacket, Down & Out Chic, Slices of Beauty & lots more!
PPS many thanks for the link - I'm yr newest follower too!

steven said...

i can't wait for my daughter to get home so that i can show her these pictures. she's never seen antyhing like this. they are so cute - they're amazing - all five of them - mum, dad, and the puppies!!! wow! that's something to come home to...... steven


I love 'awww moment'!
Congratulation my darling...
These is the best moment, I would not leave the house & watch these babies all day! Enjoy!!


John said...

OMG! Well, everyone else has used all the adjectives I planned cute, precious, etc! Portia is such a good Mama...somebody said that too! So how many pups are there total?

Didn't know if you got them all in the pics. They are so adoreable! I hope your keep posting pics as they grow. BTW, they look big in the pictures!

Thanks for sharing and welcome home my dear. What a homecoming! xoxo

Draffin Bears said...

Oh how wonderful!
Portia and Marelli have done so well
producing such darling little puppies.
I hope that you manage to get some rest and time for yourself and the puppies settle down.

Enjoy your week

PS~Erin said...

Oh my goodness: They are so flipping cute, all five of them! Congrats! How cool.

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Jo, Thanks for stopping by. Yes, Portia is one tough little momma. I am in awe of her dedication to them, not wanting to leave them for a second. Having a little of the problem getting her to eat enough, she just does not want to be away from them. xoxo

Minka, I agree with you, no bad pictures of any of these little guys. Portia does look really tired though, which I am sure she is. Thanks so much for the compliment on them. I think they are adorable.:) xoxo

Dustjacket, I know. I could sit and watch them every minute, and cry at the same time. I believe humans could learn so much from animals if they were willing. Thanks so much for the visit. xoxo

Anthony, I don't think you missed it, I don't think I mentioned it before. A lovely description "gemstones".
Yes, made it back from the trip. Gosh, I feel like all I have done the past two weeks is drive. And I don't really like traveling by car. Plus, I got a speeding ticket.:( What is so crappy about that, I don't even drive fast. So it pisses me off!!!
And yep, two girls.:) You can be as curious as you want.:) You're a sweetheart I tell you! xoxo

Hi Rick, They seem to be pretty happy as long as their momma is next to them.:) xoxo

Curious Cat, I don't see any way I can keep them, but not sure how I am going to give them up. I am so darn attached to them already. I wish I lived in a big house on a big ranch - I'd have lots of dogs and other animals. thanks for coming by and commenting. xoxo

CC, thanks, it is nice to be back.:) OMG, I want to hold them more than I should, but would you believe they would prefer to be next to their momma. Go figure. They get really squirmy when you try to hold them. You must be right, it's a guy thing.:)) He complains the entire time he is eating, like it is not coming out fast enough? The little girls never whine. He is smaller than the girls, guess he takes after Marelli, since Marelli is almost half the size of Portia. Marelli weighs 6 pounds, wet. Portia is about 11 lbs, I think. So glad to see you stopping by. Hope you have a wonderful week. xoxo

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Hi Nora, So nice to meet you. I love your blog!!! Portia and Marelli thank you for the compliments on their children.:)
I will try and join you on Thursday, sounds very interesting.
Yes, we do have some great friends in common - so neat. Check out some of the others on my list, they are wonderful!!! xoxo

Steven, I hope your daughter loves seeing the pics. I will try and post pics as they grow and progress. It hard being in another state and knowing Portia was having puppies and not being there for her. It couldn't be helped and she sure could not have had them on the road - so it worked out for the best and was nice to come home to. thanks for the visit. xoxo

Lenore, what am I am going to do? I don't sleep well at all, trying to listen for any whine or problem. I am so worried she will lay on one and not realized it. She seems to know what she is doing, but my goodness, I'll be glad when they get just a little bigger. I want some sleep!!! :) xoxo

Hi John, I can tell you love dogs.:) Yes, there are three of them. I will post more pics as they change.

I tried weighing them yesterday, but they are so squirmy. I put them in a bowl and the best I could tell the little boy was 8 oz., one girl was 11 oz., the biggest little girl was 13 oz. The little boy was the smallest when he was born. I'll try and weigh them again tomorrow to see if they are growing. They eat all the time.

Thanks for the welcome home and the visit. xoxo

Carolyn, I think the puppies are settled, it's me that's the problem.:) They are doing really well, as far as I can tell. If I could afford it, I'd be taking them to the vet every day to be checked. I have called them several times, and I think they are ready to tell me to find a new vet. Not sure how I ever raised children??? Oh yeah, my mom was around.:) Thanks for stopping by and seeing my new babies, well, Portia and Marelli's babies. :) xoxo

Erin, Cute word 'flipping'. I'll tell Portia and Marelli you think they are cute. When I picked them up from the groomers, she told me to be sure and tell Portia that she had cute babies.:) So I will tell her that others think so too. xoxo

down and out chic said...

oh my goodness congrats on the the sweet little puppies! these pictures are so great, they made me want to say "awwwwwwww" out loud (and that doesn't really ever happen!)

JennyMac said...

Those pups are simply TOO cute.

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Christina, so happy to be responsible for you having an "awwwwww" kind of day.
I'll post more pics when they have changed a little bit. Still looking the same right now, just a couple ounces bigger.:) xoxo

Jenny, Nice of you to visit. Hope you come back again real soon. xoxo

Kelee Katillac said...

Portia is gorgeous!

I stopped by from Elaine's place!

Love your Whitman quote! And your lovely blog!

Stop new friends!

love, kelee

Slices of Beauty... said...

One yummy mummy and cute family!

Missed you my friend.

Delwyn said...

Hi 6p

these dogs are so cute they are like toys...

I am dogless for the first time in 40 years...and it is not too bad...for a while...

Happy days

Cheri Peoples said...

AW so cute. I remember growing up and watching our dog have her pups. Never had to have the bird and bees explained.
I signed up as a follower and hope you will come by often. Lots of fun give-a-ways coming soon.

Its So Very Cheri .

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

Kelee, I appreciate your compliment. I am a quote junkie!
Btw, from your blog it looks like you are in KC? I wonder if we have ever ran into each other, not knowing? :)

I'll be by to check out more of your blog, it's lovely!


Slices of Beauty, You're so sweet! I have missed you - and your lovely blog!!! xoxo

Delwyn, They are like toys! Don't be dogless for very long.:) They are good for the heart and soul!:)

Cheri, I totally understand what you're saying, being around nature and animals educates us very early, but in a good way.:)
I'll visit you often. Thanks for stopping by. xoxo

Cheri Peoples said...

I grew up in KC area but we went to Branson all the time and my brother-in-law has a lake house in the ozarks.

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

I grew up on Jack's Fork and Current River, beautiful rivers. I'm now in KC. Small world, here on the Internet.:)

drollgirl said...

portia and her babies are so cute! i hope she is going to be ok!

Kristin said...

My thoughts are with you and your fam and your little fur babies are adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Gosh I love puppies..... and that puppy breath.. ha ha. Glad all went well after the C-section for her and that the groomer had the insight to get her to the vet. You are going to have so much fun in the weeks ahead with those pups.. I'm jealous!!

Oh, and wanted to let you know that my blog name changed from The Blue Ridge Gal to Come see when you aren't busy playing with the pups.


Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

drollgirl, she is doing great - just being a good momma. She wants to eat a lot more than before, other than that, she seems to be doing well. She goes to the vet in about 9 days. Thanks for the visit. xoxo

Kristin, I appreciate your kind words. The puppies are sunshine on a rainy day. xoxo

Di, Nice to see you. Ah, yes, they are doing so well. Portia didn't have to have a c-section. The Vet had gone to prepare the surgery room, while he was out of the room, she delivered one and was able to have all three on her own.
I did visit your page, it looks FANTASTIC! xoxo

Quack of Dawn said...

*OMG* Marelli is a father now!!! This is fantastic news.. I had no idea. Was this planned?

The puppies are just adorable!

What a wonderful thing...and that all went well!

Fabulous Finds Gal said...

Awe... how cute!
Fabulous Finds Gal

*SparkleMirror* Kiln-Fired Art Studio said...

It's really something how photos of such a simply natural subject can elicit so much joy, comfort and love. Portia looks so happy, proud and content over her babies, and my emotional experience has this photo pulsating with life. And the shots of the babies piling up together just makes me want to join the huddle... they are so adorable, cute, cuddly, fresh, shiny, healthy... I could go on and on... and why is my natural response to such a scene with puppies more intense than with photos of human babies? I can't figure that one out (scientifically speaking).
And, my oh my, that Marelli is as cute as a button... how irresistible!
OK, now that I've satisfied my swooning, I can return to saying I'm glad you didn't have to endure another storm like in your previous Louisville trip. Yes, I could feel your experience of fear driving on the interstate under such conditions.
Wonderful post Debra...

K @ Blog Goggles said...

What an amazing, adorable little family!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Awwww.just look at those little puddle of pups! My fave is how they curl around each other to sleep! Adorable!

We had 7 Great Dane pups (she did have an emergency C-sec)I remember those sleepless nights. Of course, because of the c-sec she was all druggy and didn't really know what they were and why they were here...took a few days for her to become the great mother she was...

So glad Portia didn't go through that!

And, for the record, the Dane pups were about the same size as your little bundles of white!